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230 Ill on Cruise Ship

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This story appeared in the Toronto Sun today (Sunday Jan 30th):

"About 230 people on a cruise ship came down with a gastrointestinal illness,

forcing the Caribbean voyage to end early.

About 200 of the 1220 passengers and 30 of the 572 crew members aboard

Holland America's Veendam became sick on the trip, which ended in Tampa on

Friday about 13 hours early. Sick passengers were quarantined to their rooms.

Passengers said they had been warned of a potential health hazzard because

travellers on the previous cruise fell ill. Those who did take the trip will receive partial refunds, up to $300.00."

Does anyone have any further information about this?

We are booked on this ship this coming week and have not been infomed of anything about what is going on.

I called Holland America and of course being the weekend they are closed.

I also called my cruise agent and they also had not been informed by Holland America....I find this disgusting as they have had this going on for the past 2 weeks and have not even kept their agents informed.

C21Jim :huh:

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I saw the report on good morning america. As i understood it , the ship was supposed to be disinfected by specialists from the CDC. There was also RCI Mariner of the seas which had the same thing. Thats all i know,sorry

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According to the paper the ship arrived in port 13 hours early. That will give them a little more time to sanitize the ship. The sanitizing could, however, delay boarding for the next cruise. Our Zaandam New Year Cruise had a few reported cases, but nothing major. It was heading for dry-dock anyway. They had automatic hand cleansing stations at all entrances to food and also at the gangways. We always used them, however, we witnessed a lot of folks who ignored the. :sad: :sad:

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Thank you Keith & Rita,

I have since found out that they sanitized the ship and it sailed on schedule on


My wife has gone out and bought sanitizing hand lotion to be on the safe side.

Thanks again,

Jim & Ann :smiley:

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Hi c21jim,

That is such a great idea to carry an anti-bacterial soapless hand cleaner. I always have a tiny bottle tucked in my pocket and a larger bottle in my cabin to refill it. I use it right after any activity that I cannot get to wash my hands and immediately before each meal.

Cruise industry pundits always emphasize washing hands on the ships. If you thing about it, were sometimes touch handrails, elevator buttons, other hands, etc. People don't intend to pass on illnesses but sometimes it can't be helped. We have to take on preventive measures ourselves.

Washing hands may not help prevent all illnesses but it can help prevent some of them. Nothing will help prevent food poison if you eat contaminated food.

The vast majority of cruises go very smoothly, but the occasional outbreaks do make people worry.

I hope all goes well on your cruise and the cruise line gives you the information you need to make a decision.

Enjoy your cruise.

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