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See Arnold run

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Did anyone else watch this A&E documentary on Arnold tonight?

What did you think of it?

I thought it was very interesting....I still can't believe the Terminator is actually the governor of California.

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We also can't believe he's the governor, Jason. Although many Californians still support him, most people are very annoyed with him about the lack of funding for education.

I didn't watch the A & E show, but was surprised that they did run it here in California.


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Different strokes for different folks. I didn't vote for the recall, don't like them, I think that they are very dangerous and expensive. However, I think that Arnold Swarzenegger is the best thing that has happened to California in many years. If they were to hold an election today, he'd win by a landslide. He has kept his promises, doesn't appear to be swayed by lobbyists and despite all those people who ridiculed him as not being able to speak English, I think that he has turned out to be a better public speaker than our current President.

One little thing that I really liked about Arnie was that he decided that we will no longer have a Holiday Season tree in Sacramento. He lit a Christmas Tree.

As far as money for education in our great state, we have the largest state budget for education and I think we rank in the lower half in achievement. I'm not sure that's the present governor's problem, but I'm confident that he has a plan to at least correct the problem without throwing more good money after the bad already spent. Remember Gray Davis and his plan to save California from that nasty Edison Company? Because of his incompetance, we had blackouts and rising costs. Our electricity bill almost doubled in 2003. Oh, and by the way, Edison also posted record profits. I think that we were also on the verge of bankruptcy, $47B in deficit, when he took over with Gray Davis doing nothing to solve the problem, other than spend more. At least Arnie had a plan, the guts to push it through and limit the endless spending by the State Legislature. I think that endless spending included the education funding that you believe "most people are very annoyed with him about" for stopping.

If he runs for governor in 2006, he's got two votes at our house.

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Go Arnold! Now, if we could just get rid of this governor in Wisconsin who thinks that you should be able to vote without proving who you are (gee, you can have another person say you are who you are without any proof) and get a cap on some of the highest taxes in the nation , we would be set! Don't get me started!

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