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I have a really cute idea.......

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I have the idea of having a Mascot for this web site. I have a couple of Twin Bears that love to travel.

The idea is that some one host a bear on their cruse and then take photo's of where ther bear has been and write in the bears Diary. By doing this we can see where all the bear would travel to.

I would ship the bear to the 1st person then the next person would ship to to the next host and so on and so forth. But after a few cruises she would need to be shipped home for cleaning and emptying out her box. Everyone would need to just toss in a small momento of the bears cruise. Nothing high cost or anything like that.:

We went with a Build-a-Bear for several reasons

Including the ease that others could contribute to the

Wardrobe. Also if by chance something happens to her

She could easily be replaced.

For those hosting a Twin on a cruise, a neat little FREE memento that you can drop in his box would be a luggage tag..............

If you do not want someone else shipping to you please let us know and we will have him sent here and we will ship to you or your work. It will require more travel time between cruises though.

It's probably $4-$5.00 to ship Priority mail, which usually takes 3-5 days. Overnight is $17.85 and I cannot ask you to cover that amount. It is far easier and less costly if we can have people ship to others directly but if you are concerned we will do our best to help. We need to allow a week between mailing and receiving.

We want as many people as possible to partake in this event.

As soon as I have a few moments free we will post for your hosting offers and start working out the travel plans for them.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post or email us directly.

All email will be confidential.

I just thought of something last night. For those not cruising and wishing to help. We should start a fund - so they have money to mail the mascot back and forth. We can all help out in someway. Thanks so much for doing this

First come, first served, unless it conflicts with a group cruise which would take precedent.

I would want the length of your cruise, the last day before you leave and the latest date you would be shipping the twins to their next cruise.

Our example......

We are taking a 7 day cruise, 2/12/05 bur we are leaving early.

We would need a twin in our procession no later than 2/10/05.

Because we are returning on a Saturday, we would not be able to ship her until 2/21/05.

So our dates would be 2/10/05 (arrive) 2/21/05 (depart). I would also like to know the ship name and which ports you are visting.

Let me know Susie

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Sounds good to me. We hosted a Build-a-Bear from another Web site (I think you know which one :smiley: ) and it was a lot of fun. We even took a formal night photo with him.

If she can be ready to ship out on 2/16, let me know.

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My friend and I each have bears that travel on all the cruises with us. My bear "Basil" is a RCCL bear and he has a pin from each cruise he takes. I once left him in a precruise hotel and didn't discover him missing untill to late. Thank goodness he was still there when we returned. Mimi

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