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Fantasy/2-27-05 ?'s

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I am going on my first cruise in two weeks. I have a couple questions.

First, anyone else going on this cruise?

Secondly, of all, can you bring your own cups to fill up with the free lemonade and etc.? I heard the cruise ships cups are really tiny.

Third, We are going to Nassau for one of the ports. I booked an excursion to the Blue Lagoon. From where we are pulling in, do we take a cab somewhere or a shuttle to where the boat takes us to the Blue Lagoon? Any advice for this excursion? We are taking two boys, 4 and 7 with us.

Fouth, I heard that the your children are to eat with you at dinner times which I think is great but what about formal night. I can't see my 4 and 7 year old sitting quietly during this night. Is this night an exception at Camp Carnival?

Also, what about women's attire this night? Can I wear a short red dress with spaghetti straps or does it need to be a long gown?

Fifth, What are 1st run movies that run in the rooms and do they cost?

Thanks for any info you may have!


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Hi Kathi, and welcome to CruiseCrazies. I'm not on your cruise, but wish I were. Ours isn't too far off. Just understand, that this is your 1st cruise, but not your last.

As for your other questions, yes you can bring your own cup for the free drinks. I have seen quite a few people do it. On the oher hand, I don't really think that the cups are that small.

We were at the Blue Lagoon a couple of years ago. You take a boat ride right from the docks where your ship is moored. There may be a little walk because you have to go around the corner, but it is not a cab ride there. This is a relaxing excurrsion with some snorkelling and , as I remember, some swimming with stingrays (not dangerous). There is an area for swimming in a lagoon which your boys may enjoy.

We have never sailed with little children, so it may be hard to answer your next question, but if you feel uncomfortable dining on formal night with your kids, you can always eat at the casual buffet area. The other thing is that I think that your short red dress would be fine for the formal night. As far as women's fashion goes, you will see that there is no hard and fast rules. The clothes run the gamut.

I'm not sure which movies will be in your cabin, but I do think that they will be free. There are a few channels with different movies at different times and they do include children's movies.

I hope that this helps some. I'm sure that there are others on the board that can answer the questions about the children's program better than I can.

Enjoy the cruise. :wink:


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For formal night, that dress you describe will be fine. Typically, the short Carnival cruises are a little more casual then the week or longer cruises.

For the excursion, if this is something you booked on your own, you should call them and find out where to go. If you booked this through the ship, they will tell you either on your tickets or in an announcement where to meet.

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Thank you all for your great info and advice!!! This really helps me!! I've been counting down the days and it feels so good to know that it's under 2 weeks away!! I'm also excited that I don't have to cook all that time!! :grin:

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Hi, Kathi, and WELCOME to our family!!!

I think we all wish we were joining you, but....

I always take a 'thermos-type' mug, with a cover, on my cruises. they hold about 18 oz. and keep the drinks cold/hot. Carnival puts out 2 sizes of glasses, for tyhe free beverages, and one in kinda' small. They run out of the larger ones often.

The tender for Blue Lagoon Island usually docks right at Prince George Docks, right near the ship.

"Formal Night" on Carnival is none-so-formal! You will see many passengers in casual dress, despite the "Suggested Attire" for the evening. Even many of those who dress for dinner can't wait to run back to the cabin, after dinner, and change.

The movies shown in the cabin are free, but aren't really 'first run.' They are all available on DVD.

I have a nice walking tour of Nassau, for you, if you're interested. Check out:


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Thanks for the link to your walking tour, Jeff! It gives me ideas on what to do and what to see.

I definitely will bring some insulated mugs for the drinks!

I'll tell you all how the trip went when I get back. I'm a photo maniac! I bought a back pack camera bag that holds all my cameras. 1. Video camera. 2. Digital Camera. 3. Point and shoot camera. 4. Professional camera 5. Disposable underwater camera.

I also do creative memories so I'll be busy after I get back documenting and scrapbooking the whole trip!

Has anyone done the snorkling with either the sting rays or the dolphins? I was wondering which is better and if you can take pictures of the dolphins.

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