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Do you know ????....

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Has anybody heard of Andrea Bocelli performing on Carnival Cruise Line??? My wife could have sworn she heard some information about this on the radio, and i got all excited.... Bocelli http://www.andreabocelli.com/ is my favorite opera performer and would be thrilled to plan my next getaway and be able to see him at the same time.... I just recently bought his new album "Andrea", and must say that it is simply breathtaking how good this mans voice is, i play it in my office all day... Once again if anybody nows of any information regarding this, please let me know....

Thanx, and i'll see you on the line! :cool:

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I asked my contact at Carnival and this is the reply she got back from Miami:-



Perhaps it may be an idea to see if you could get tickets to see him either just before or just after a cruise - but doesnt look like he will be part of this years Carnival entertainment program!! sorry to be the bearer of bad news!! :sad:

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One of my great cruise memories was sailing out of Venice, the most beautiful port in the world, with Andrea Bocelli blasting out over the ships sounds system. It is an experience that every cruisers should experience.

However, it would have been even better if it had been the greatest tenor that ever lived, Mario Lanza. Right now on my CD player, Mario is singing Danny Boy. Those are not stains on your screen, they're tears. I'm a slow typer, one finger, so we have moved on to Nessun Dorma. Lanza was, and still is, IMNSHO, the greatest tenor that ever lived. Unfortunately the recordings of Caruso and Gigli are not up to todays standards, but Lanza was the first to popularize "great" music. Ask yourselves, where would Carrera, Pavarotti, Domingo and Bocelli be without Lanza? Maybe you don't care and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake meet your needs, that's Ok, but right now, Mario is singing the Aria from Aida, and I feel priviliged to have grown up in an era with such great music.

I told you I was a slow typist, playing right now is "With a Song In My Heart". Awesome, but is it better than the Doris Day/Harry James version out of the movie "Young Man With A Horn"? Tough, but, as much as I love Mario, I think that DD does a better version. I just changed tracks, back to Nessun Dorma.

If you like Bocelli, check out Lanza, you'll love him.

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