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Imagination reviews

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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can give me some info on the Imagination(Carnival) that will be going to Key west and Cozumel in May. I need some tips on what to do or to maybe avoid as far as excursions, and also will I need a passport to get off or back on the ship in Cozumel?? I know I need a BC and a DL for getting on the ship in Miami. Has anyone ever had any trouble with these issues. My sisters and I will be going on a cruise in May, and can't wait.

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Hi howiesgirl,

I have never sailed the Imagination but there are loads of CruiseCrazies members who have. I did sail the Carnival Fascination that sailed the same itinerary.

An original birth certificate and driver's license worked fine to board the ship and to go ashore in Mexico.

Your ship will issue a Sign and Sail Card that will act as your boarding pass and I.D. to board the ship, but to get through security at Key West and Mexico you need a government issued picture I.D. like a driver's license. Yes, even on Key West you need a government issued picture I.D. because the ship docks in a military base.

I find that the U.S. passport is the best all around document. It makes things go very fast and it last for 10 years. If you are traveling to places other than Mexico or Canada, you will need a passport. The sooner you apply for it the cheaper it is. You won't need it for this trip but once you get hooked on cruising, and you probably will, it just opens up many more options for foreign travel or foreign cruises.

Key West is really small and there usually is not much time spent there so I would avoid spending money on an excursion. Take the free shuttle instead and walk around town. Check out the sites you'd like to see on Key West long before you go. They may be in walking distance from each other.

From Cozumel we took a ferry to mainland Mexico and saw the Ruins of Tulum. I enjoyed that very much and broke down and purchased a beautifully composed photo of myself and my traveling companion taken by the Carnival photographer in front of one of the pyramids. I had to admit that the colors and crispness of the the photos was excellent. After the tour of the ruins you won't have much time to do anything else.

In Cozumel we piled into a taxi to San Miguel. It only cost $6 per load in the same party so make some friends if there are only two of you. If there are two pairs not traveling together they charge $6 per pair, but if you're all together it's only $6 for all four of you. We went into town to do some shopping. You don't need to do the ship's shopping tour which is usually overpriced. San Miguel offers a bunch of shops, restaurants, liquor stores and a major supermarket that looks like a super K-Mart.

I have grown to love the island of Cozumel and will explore San Miguel and other sites a little more because almost every Western Caribbean Carnival ship goes there.

Good luck.

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Thnak you for your good advice, and yes, I will be checking into non-cruise excursions in Cozumel, probably for shopping and snorkeling. If there is any good area to know about in Cozumel for snorkeling please let me know. Again Thnaks. :smiley:

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