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Free Cruise to the Bahamas for 2 People !

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Hi everybody,

Has anyone tried to get the free cruise for two?

Is this a promotion where you have to fil out a survey of several screens and leave your e-mail address for product promotions or purchases?

Every time I do one of these surveys it takes forever and the offers are usually services or products that I don't need. Sometimes there is a small service charge which means you have to give a credit card number.

Is this that type of promotion?

I don't want to even start it if that's what it is.

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These types of offers are not reasonable....nor are they permitted posts on the forums. The link has been removed.

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The board is being subjected to spam lately. This post and the ones Jason has to keeo removing in the general forum about free smilies and ipods. Everyone, just please ignore, and DO NOT click on any links you may see before Jason gets rid of them.

I'd hate for Jason to have to do more work with the board with his already busy schedule, but maybe some type of moderation on new members might be in order.

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