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How is Ramada Plaza Resorts?

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Hi everybody,

I'm depending on you all for information regarding a credit voucher from Ramada Plaza Resorts that has offices at 2419 E. Commercial Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308.

My question is has anyone else received this voucher worth $1600 for 3 nights of "Gold Key" Award Winning accommodations in South Florida, Round-trip cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Lines or Imperial Majesty Cruise Line sailing to Nassau Bahamas, Two Nights in Orlando, FL, and 7 days transportation by Alamo Rent-A-Car?

Does anyone know anything about Ramada Plaza Resorts and this $1600 voucher they are offerring?

I don't want to get involved in anything that wants to get my credit card number over the telephone unless I can completely trust them.

On the back of the voucher, they do state that "This is an offer to sell travel."

Has anyone taken Ramada Plaza Resorts up on the trip?

How was it?

Did you get everything advertised?

Thanks for your help.

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Amazingly, I have heard this is legit. I can't remember what I have heard about it though. I should be just about due for my bi-monthly envelope from them LOL. I do beleive that part of it is that it makes it sound like you are getting all this stuff for free (a $1600 value), when in fact it's $1600 off the cost of all that. But I could be wrong. And if you don't live in Florida, you have to get there.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. It's a great start. I wish I could skip all the land items and just opt for one of the cruises. :grin:

I still have another day before I make a decision whether or not to use the voucher.

I'll wait for some more responses.

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Mebert - I have been on the internet since 2000. Ramada Plaza Resorts SEEMS legitimate, but it is a scam at best. By the time you pay the fees, etc., you will be out more money than if you had booked this trip yourself. This scam has been around for quite a few years (and the are NOT related to Ramada Inns/Hotels).

I hope this link works, but if not, go to Google and type in Ramada Plaza Resorts Complaints......I think you eyes will be opened. Even consumer guru Clark Howard has nothing good to say about them.


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I found this on another board.....

"I recieved a Voucher in the mail today stating that I would be recieving over half off a once in a lifetime vacation package. Of course, i called the telphone number and i was taken directly to a representative. He informed me of my itenerary, offering me three trips. One was a stay in Florida and a cruize to the Bahamas, another was a trip to Las Vegas, and finally a thrree day stay in Mexico. I was very intrigued by this offer so i asked what exactly i had to do to recieve my package. The representative said that i would only have to pay $698 today to keep the amazing offer. I told him that I would be unable to pay for the vacation right away because i would have to send a way for money. He then transfered me to another representative who lowered the price from $698 to a $349 down payment and a payment plan for the rest.

On this note i called my mother to see what she thought while the gentlemen was still on the phone. My mom told me that she could not help me pay for it, so i would have to go without. After telling this to the gentleman on the phone he proceeded to tell me that even if my credit card was maxed out i could still pay for the trip. I asked him how that was possible and he told me that all they needed was a credit card number and then a payment plan would be set up. I thought about it again , but realized that if i did not have the money to pay for it now then i should't do it. I again told the man no, and he put me on hold.

Next, I was taken to another man who offered me a parting gift, but then also said that he would lowerthe price of the package again to $498. This was an unbeatable price, but i again told him that i would have to send away for money to pay for the trip. Mike Stiverson gave me his name and number and told me he would hold the package and wait for me to get the money.

At this point I was a little skeptical of all these run arounds i was getting so i decided to do some research. I came across this website and decided that i wouldn't be calling him back for an offer that is obviously too good to be true. Please be careful with whom you are talking to because you never know what type of poeple are scamming you for your money."

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