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I'm back!

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For part of my Spring Break, I've been at the Travelodge Ocean Jewels Hotel on Daytona Beach for the past 5 days. I just returned today. The weather could have been better (the first 3 days were rain, overcast, and lots of cold air) but the vacation itself was a blast! We had an oceanfront room with balcony on the 3rd floor, which provided an amazing view of the ocean and pool deck. Myself and 4 buddies got some nice tans, relaxed by the pool, hung out on the strip, and did a little clubbing/partying as well.

This was my first time in Daytona Beach...and I really enjoyed it! If you have any questions about the area or about the hotel or beach scene, feel free to ask away...maybe I'll be able to answer them.

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Were there any cruise ships there? :grin:

It's great to see that you take land vacations too.

I haven't gotten over my Post Cruise Depression Syndrome (PCDS diagnosis discovered by Doctors Cruisechic2005 and DaCruzNut) yet. The esteemed doctors are the foremost specialist on PCDS.

I'm always planning my next cruise. :grin:

Is the amusement park still on Daytona Beach? What is the crowd like down there during Spring Break?

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Keith and Rita,

No shark attacks at Daytona Beach....Delray beach however, was closed for days last week because of hundreds of migrating sharks that were within feet of the beach. The fun of actually going into the water at the beach seems to have vanished!


I didn't spot any ships at all. Which amusement park are you talking about? Daytona Lagoon? It's right off A1A (Atlantic Avenue) right by the beach parking garage. The crowd is mostly college kids on spring break...that means lots of noise and traffic - everywhere! If you want to go to Daytona and not be near the rowdy college kids, you may not want to go during March.

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glad your spring break was a blast - I am sure you wont forget it for quite a while :wink:

Is Spring break over now then? just wondered if it still going to be busy when we fly over on tuesday?

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