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What happens to the crew?

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When a ship is sent to dry dock for repairs, what happens to the crew?

Are they sent home?

Are they put up in hotels?

Do they have to make out the best way they can?

I've always been curious about that. I know that the passengers are very inconvenienced, but the news must be bad for the crew as well since they may be unemployed for several days and there are no passengers around for tips.

Does anyone know what happens?

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Depends on why the drydock. On the Sovereign of the Seas when they had the big overhaul the crew had options, They could go home and take time off or they could stay be paid real wages and help with the ship. Many decide to stay and help and then go home when regularly scheduled. They told me that it was hard work but they had the evenings to themselves and could enjoy some time with their friends.

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