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First Timer -Royal Carib - Splendor of the Seas

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has anyone been on the Royal Carib Splendor of the Seas lately? wondering about food, entertainment and such. My friends and I will be sharing a room (I think its a large interior -so I think the sofa also folds out to a bed) and were wondering what the casino's are like and all in all how you liked your experience with RC?

I'm hoping that when we go in Nov. 2005 there won't be lots of screaming little brats on board - this is why people go on vacation -to get away from their kids!!

Any info you can provide will be great as this is a first for all of us - we stop in Cozumel and I've been there so I know what tour operators to use - but not sure about Costa Maya....


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I've never been on the Splendor of the Seas before, but I've cruised Royal Caribbean--my first and only cruise so far. My friend and I went on the Majesty of the Seas, and I had a wonderful time! I'm hoping to go on another cruise this summer, and I'm planning on RCCL again. I thought the food was very good...certainly not the best I'd ever had, but it was decent, and there were a lot of choices each evening. The rooms were small but as everyone says, you hardly spend any time in there so it really doesn't matter. There were definitely children on board, but not an overwhelming amount of them, so they really weren't a bother. I thought the best part of the RCCL cruise (and this may be all cruise lines, I don't know) was the friendly staff and the variety and amount of things to do each day. Although we were on a short cruise (3 nights), I never got bored, and I never had to make any extensive plans since the cruise provided all the fun things to do. I hope you have a great time on yours! :smiley:

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Gosh<], Never Been, but I'm planning a cruise with a couple of gals that are crazy alchoholics, still acting like we did when we were 16. :cool: I can't imagine what is going to go on in our little room on the ship. :sealedlips: I hope we can all lose enough weight to be presentable, because I really want to wear a normal swim suit and not a MuMu suit...LOL<]. :rolleyes:

So, I'm wondering is there really a LOT of drinking on board? If I don't lose all my grandma fat, Is there gonna be a LOT of chubby women on the Cruise that look like me? :grin: By the way we are planning on the Royal Carribean Splendor of the Seas. How much money a day in tips in cash should we have to bring? Am I gonna be able to afford the booze plus the tip each time I want a drink. :huh:

What If I find Mr. wonderful, how strange is that gonna be? Then What? :shocked:

I think I can tune out the kids on board, but the screaming babies, and uncontrollable ones will be iffy. Seeing the kiddos may make me sad, :cry: but as long as I'm busy and just reeling in the relaxation and socializing with my zaney home girls, I should be fine. Peace<]. :grin:

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meemee - you are crazy - if you get drunk everynight in my room i'm gonna kill ya! no seriously, I agree - how much cashola are we going to need to have fun?

also - can we bring aboard our own booze once we dock somewhere and go shopping? or can we buy a bottle on board in the shops??? that might curb costs some.

any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

lots of booze questions

PS- meemee - I resent being called a crazy alkie, i think you meant our other shipmate - this i'm concerned about - haha

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