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Alaska cruise questions

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We are cruising to Alaska August 13, 2005 on RCL Radiance of the Seas. This is our first cruise. Can anyone tell me about the weather in Alaska in mid August? We have a lot of excursions booked:

Juneau:<] Mt Roberts tramway, Pilot's choice glacier exploration...

Skagway:<] Skagway extravaganza - White Pass and Ukon Railway... Liarsville gold rush trail camp ... Liarsville cook house.... Red onion saloon

Ketchikan:<] Totem Bight and Heritage Deluxe

I always think of Alaska as cold and snowy but I've heard it's in the 60's in August. Will we need to bundle up for the glacier trip? How should we expect to dress for the other excursions? We plan on bringing a backpack with snacks and waterproof rain gear, just in case. Are heavy parkas overkill? Will there be temperature differences depending on which excursion we're on?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.




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We cruised to Alaska in early August of 2001. We didn't need parkas, however, sweatshirts were needed. The temperature ranged in the low 40s to mid 50s in most places. Also, it rained a lot. Cruising thru Glacier Bay was probably the coldest as we kept going outside to the railing to get close up photos. We took the Alaska Railroad from Seward to Anchorage which we would highly recommend. It was in the mid to high 60s for the three days we spent in Anchorage.

Just click our photo link in our signature and go to our Alaska cruise photos. It will give you some perspective on the weather we had. :smiley: :smiley:

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Karen the key to Alaska is layers! Sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. I also suggest gloves in case your fingers are cold on the glacier.

We've been to Alaska 3 times but never in August so I can't help with the weather. You did make some pretty good choices of excursions for a first timer.

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