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Wendy's Finger-in-Chili a HOAX!!

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Have you heard about this yet??

Since this news story broke, have you stopped eating at Wendy's, fearful of finding a finger or other body parts in your food?

If you haven't yet heard the latest, here's the article:

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I avoided going to our city's annual chili cook-off yesterday...!!!!

Today I caught a report on the news that Arby's Restaurant found 'human flesh' in one of their sandwiches or something...sheesh, I love Arby's! This could put a damper on my eating there anytime soon.

This is pretty gross, but I guess this entire subject is: when I was in high school my Mom was making breakfast for my brother and me one morning and very casually said, "oh, I have to go to the hospital now...I just cut off a piece of my finger". My brother went with her, but after looking, we couldn't find the piece of finger.

I later found it sitting on my plate of scrambled eggs. It hasn't stopped me from eating scrambled eggs (although I didn't manage to eat them that day!) , and my (now 88 year old) Mom still has a stubby finger!


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I love Arby's too! I haven't heard about the flesh story! I'll still eat there. I had a friend who got sick from a McDonald's chicken sandwich. It had a tumor in the middle of it or something. She bit into it and swallowed and noticed a horrible taste and looked at her sandwich and notice white stuff in the middle of the meat. She took in and supposedly it was a tumor. I don't know if she got sick from looking at it or if she got sick from the tumor itself. I'm sure there is a lot of stuff in a lot of food we eat and we just don't know about it. I grew up in Peoria which is by Morton, IL. My boyfriend back then worked for Libby's pumpkin (the canning place). He says there are a lot of bat parts in the can pumpkin because the warehouse where the pumpkin is made has a lot of bats in it and they find them in the huge containers of pumpkins. They fish them out as they see them but you know some goes through. This was probaly 17 years ago or longer so hopefully it's not like this anymore. I still only buy Libby's pumpkin. Now, if I actually saw something in my food somewhere, then I would probably stop eating there. You never know if someone's lying or not. Just like the pumpkin story. I don't know if it's factual or if he was trying to freak me out or something. Some people do it for attention and some people like the Wendy's chick, do it for money. I'm glad she's being charged with grand larceny because people lost their jobs over that. They got layed off. People got their hours cut. The people who were layed off could have lost their cars, homes, etc. She potentially ruined many peoples lives. She was very selfish.

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