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First time cruisers, on the honeymoon!

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We're booked on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas, May 28.

What's really included and what can I expect to pay extra for onboard? I know tips are recommended at a certain amount per person/day. Is the $6/day unlimited soda/juice package a good deal? How much are sodas each otherwise?

Can I make spa appointments ahead of time or do I have to do it on the ship?

Will I get a ship itenerary (onboard entertainment and such) to look over ahead of sailing?

Since neither of us have done a cruise before what's not to be missed?

Thanks to all you Crazies and your reviews. I've got a ton of stuff to read through on the 5 ports of call for our trip. I thought there would be a FAQ, but so far I've only found the packing list and reviews.

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Welcome to CruiseCrazies.. Lets see what we can do to get you orientated..

The purchase price of the cruise includes transportation, (the Cruise itself), Room, and Meals, most beverages.. Some beverages are extra such as liquor and specialty coffees, and as you mentioned sodas.

Depending on the amount of soda you plan to consume it’s a tossup on whether or not you purchase a soda card. The soda fro the soda card is fountain beverage vs. canned product for those that purchase individual.

I am not sure of the price of a soda on RCCL but on Celebrity I paid 1.95 usd per can.

I didn’t understand what you were asking as far as Itinerary..

If you are talking about are there announcements stating†if you look to your left you will see†type of statements I have never experienced that.

However if you were referring to the ports and what days yes.. you will receive a list of daily activities and the like in the daily newspaper the ship generates.

We are glad to have you as a new member of CruiseCrazies and want to Congratulate you on your upcoming “Honeymoonâ€Â

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It's pretty much what JoeyandDavid said. I might add that you don't have to spend anything, except for tips or you can enhance your experience by buying shore excursions, spa treatments, drinks, casino, shopping, and other things, it's all up to you.

You should receive a daily newsletter letting you know of the next day's activities so you can plan your day. My advice is to do some research on the ports you're going to be stopping at so you can plan the must do things you would like to do.

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Thanks for your replies. :smiley:

As for the itenerary, I mean the on-ship shows, times that the ice-skating will be available, etc. I was wondering if that info will be available ahead of time or not. Is that stuff mostly at-sea or does it run when docked at the ports as well?

How crowded are the ships in terms of, say, getting a spa treatment or seating at a show? Is it something you have to sign up for right away when you board or is there usually plenty of availability? (Obviously different ships have different capacities.)

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Most experienced cruisers once on board will drop off their carry on in their staterooms then make a stop at the spa to take a tour and set appointments and also to stop and check with the matre de as to the location of the dinning room table assignment. As far as on board activities YES!!! They are well advertised and in your daily newspaper you will find all the details.. show times for movies skating hours .. High tea .. casino hours .. etc…

And don’t forget if you want to know something once on board just stop by the front desk and ask they will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have..

Cruising is a great vacation. Hope you get a kick out of planning cause for me its just as much fun as the cruise itself!! ..well almost


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Peldor - firstly Welcome to Cruise Crazies, dont hesitate to jump on & ask any question you fell you may be able to get help with & secondly CONGRATULATIONS on your impending wedding & cruise!! :grin:

We paid for a soda card for our son & used it once!! the juice we got at breakfast & on lido deck at lunch & the jugs of juice they had in Camp Carnival meant we never had to use the card & all our drinks probably would have come to a similar amount as pre paying anyway (I dont think the bottles of wine we had every night would have been included somehow!!) haha

We didn't get a daily itinerary of what shows/competitions ect were on each day until the day before, once actually on board the ship, so I dont think they would publish a set itinerary of daily activities in advance as far as I know?

I dont know if pre booking spa treatmants would be best as you may get a cheaper deal once on board as they do "sea day specials" or "port day specials" so I just picked a day & got myself booked in when I saw a deal I liked the look of.

The extra's we ended up with were the excursions, the drinks, the spa, the casino & duty free our tips were pre-paid so we didn't have worries where that was concerned.

I would say pick your excursions carefully as they really could help make your honeymoon. The excursions we took are some of the highlights of our whole trip so defo pick what you want to do before you travel & make it something you will both like & enjoy & that is the only thing I would say would be an important part of any cruise for me.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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