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On our cruises it was nice to pay half as much onboard as we paid for smokes here in Michigan.

But low and behold it has now been 214 days since I smoked my last one.

Of course it was a plastic surgeon that said "if you dont quit I will not fix your body" Well that one really hit home and on July 8th I had my last one.

Yes it is true that many of the rooms smell a little like smoke but that is why we carry FeBreeze.

It helps and then splash a little rum and wine here and there and now it smells like a distillery.

Never quit quitting

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congrats on the 214th day of no smoking..This is my 12th month .. i did it with the patch..but my plastic surgeon said he couldnt do anthing for me anyway..

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Thanks everyone and good job on the 12 months.

Ahh my PS said you can live with the skin ulcers for another 17 years if you dont quit.

I thought...That stabbing pain in my left ankle as if someone was pushing a knife into both sides of my ankle and twisting it nearly 24/7....Naaa I better do something. I used Commit briefly. And yes things taste and smell better now.

Trouble is after I quit I was on crutches for 3 months and thus no physical activity. Now I need to lose 80 lbs. Do not drink PROPEL water while you are laid up....It contains sugar which turns to FAT.

How will I be able to climb the wall if I dont loose weight?

But I did come in 2nd place in the Belly flop contest on the Navigator in November....

And I think of all the money I wasted for all those years...

Anyone want a Carmel Apple Martini?

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Feel Better,

With the weight gain that I have had I sometimes question which is worse.

And the fact that my wife works on a cardiac floor she tells me I need to lose what I have gained or I will be at the other hospital on the cardiac floor.

But when i smoked I weighed 200 not 288..

I know its better not to smke but I need to use my bicycle and cardio stepper more.

And waiting to assemble the weight station I ordered from Sears.

Is it the 16th yet? They said it will be here on the 16th.

Regardless that I ordered it on the 15th of January

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I know how tough it is. I had a stroke on May 1, 2005. My doctor told me I could either put another cigarette in my mouth ar a gun! That was enough! Stopped 'cold turkey.'

I gained about 12 pounds, but I made a new year's resolution to take it off, and have lost 6 alrady.

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Wow Jeff,

I know it sometimes takes something to happen before we listen.

I remember years ago being in the emergency room and a doctor told me I should not smoke. Then I asked him "how many packs do you smoke a day doc?" He was startled and said he did not smoke..I said then you should take that pack out of your pocket.

I thought before I quit that I could tell when someone was smoking at work when they were not on a break. After I quit my nose got so good many of my employees steered away from me as they knew my nose knew.

Congrats Jeff and good luck on the next 6 lbs.

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