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E-mail from cruisinmama-- Hooray!!!!!!!

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Sorry I haven't been able to get on the board we have no internet at home as

our outside wires caught fire as a transformer caught fire, so we had no

power for 18 hours and then no phones and no puter...so weeks later still no

internet..and then a blizzard hit and again no power...

So we have a phone but need a new modem so a friend has me hooked up to his

puter through mine so here Iam..I can't get the board to load so thought I'd

just send an email

On to health news:

I don't have BREAST CANCER!!!!!! TG!!!! so that was wonderful news...I did

just get a chance to read all your emails from the crazies and Thank you all

for your wonderful thoughts and prayers for me ...They worked as I am fine..

I leave for California tonight to get to the City to catch an early flight

tomorrow..I see the temps are lower, guess that my fault..lol..sorry you

California people..the Canuck must be bringing my cooler weather...

Please tell Joey I have his number and will call if I get to the hotel at a

decent hour. so we can chat..

Tell Cheryl I miss her and all the other crazies and hope the internet is

fixed by the time I get back..

Hugs for you all



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I'm so relieved that Ann is OK. Phew!!!! I am so glad she was able to e-mail us to let us know what's been going on. Looking forward to your return, Ann, and meanwhile , enjoy your trip. Hugs, Cheryl

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I'm really sorry about the fire and wire problems that have prevented you from logging on. I'm ecstatic that you don't have breast cancer. I can't wait until you're back online.

Happy birthday and continue to be in good health.

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Wow, isn't that great news? Glad she was able to email, and now she can really enjoy her vacation. Yep, it's cooler temps and we're expecting rain over the weekend. Somehow I think that won't phase Ann at all.

Good to hear from her.

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Ann - like everyone else I am overjoyed at your health news. Enjoy your trip and hopefully by the time you get back all will be well with your computer and you will be back here with us.

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