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Top Ten Ways to Make your Neighbors Move

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-----------------Top Ten Ways to Make Your Neighbor Move ---------------------

1) Order pizza and other food to their house and pick it up at their doorstep claiming that you don't have a phone.

2) Stand over the plants in your yard with a hose and scream, "I have your life in my hands, bow down to me!". Then point at each one and declare them good or bad plants, while watering the bad ones.

3) Bring them restraining orders on inanimate objects in their house. (i.e., chairs, books, lamps, etc.)

4) Ask them if you can put your trash in their cans, if they ask why say, "Mine are full of bodies," then stutter and say, "I uh mean other garbage," walk away laughing hysterically.

5) Patrol the perimeter of your yard while carrying a broom. If they come close state that there is a 3 foot neutral area between the two yards.

6) At night transplant the plants in their garden. In the morning say, "looks like they're on the move again."

7) When they're watching TV, pull a lawn chair behind their window. Sit down with popcorn and a drink and ask them if they could open a window so you can hear too.

8) Build snowmen with name tags of your neighbors each day hack off a different part of their body.

9) Use your TV remote to change the channels on their TV from outside. If asked why, say you protest such programs. (The more educational the program the better.)

10) Dig shallow graves at night filling your yard with brown grave patches. Make markers out of household appliances.

I love number 7

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Where are we supposed to get the snow to do #8?

I'm with JoanandJoe...we've had neighbors do a lot worse to us, for no reason. We had a next door neighbor let the air out of all our tires. She later apologized to us, letting us know that she had the 'wrong neighbor by mistake'. !!!


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Too funny!

Here's our favourite for the "grumps" out back.

Every Hallowe'en they turn out their lights so they don't have to give out candy to the kids. We make up a note for their door that says "We are at home so knock real loud - and don't give up. We just don't hear so good any more".

I guess there is a house like theirs in every neighborhood. They throw rocks at the squirrels, yell at the Blue Jays, complain about the kids in the pool next door - real lovable types :tongue:

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