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Carnival Fascination Questions

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Well, Crazies, I knew there was no way I could make it til November for my next vacation of ANY kind, so I booked a cruise tonight - a short 4 day cruise on the Fascination in May for some much needed me-alone time. Just have a couple of quick questions. First of all, which dining room has the late 8:00pm dinner seating? Also, does the Fascination have the Carnival Comfort Bed system on board yet? That bed was absolutely wonderful on my Liberty cruise a few weeks ago - I will be pretty upset if it is not on board yet...........................

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I've been on the Fascination so many times but can't answer your question about the dining room. I don't know about the mattress either but I can tell you that I love the satin stiped cotton duvet covers . That was a big improvement from the ratty acrylic blankets. I think those duvet covers are so soft and fluffy that they help me sleep better on the ship than I sleep at home. I really look forward to getting into bed with those. LOL. They put some interesting items into the gift basket that is in the bathrooms. Also, Carnival just started their Concierge Club , which means that if you've sailed Carnival at least 10 cruises, you'll get other perks such as laundry done for free, complimentary tote bag, petit fours delivered to your cabin and a delivery of sandwiches. We've always done the Fascination on the 3 day weekend cruise and loved it.

Congratulations on your latest booking, Lisa. Let us know when you get those docs.

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Congratulations on your booking!

I did the four day Fascination cruise a little over one year ago and enjoyed it very much. At the time I don't remember any special bedding being offerred but it might have changed by now. There's no guarantee that you will get your requested dining time no matter which diningroom has the 8:00 PM seating. You'll have to work with the maitre d' to see if you can get your absolute choice.

I remember the Fascination being a slightly older Carnival ship, but it was kept up very well and still had all its bells and whistles. The service was fantastic. I think you'll enjoy her.

The four days was a little short for me, but like you, it was all the time I had during that period. Four days is way better than no days. :grin: :grin:

I really hope you'll enjoy your cruise.

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