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The CruiseCrazies Song

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Please don't be offended if I left anyone out. I only included you, if I felt I "knew" you; but feel free to add on, since I don't think I'll ever copyright this one. :happy:

Out on the internet exists

A very special forum

Where cruise loving people gather

For a daily quorum

If it’s caffeine you crave

To liven up your day

Jim the Peddler will oblige

And you won’t even have to pay

Andrea is a southern lady

From down near Little Rock

She drives her classic fifty-five Chevy

Up and down the Dock

Jackie loves her mobile home

If for no other reason

Than it gives her an escape

In the middle of tax season

Martha loves the website too

It gives her such a lift

She’d spend more time here if she didn’t

Work a double-shift

James from up in Ottowa

He really hates the cold

He’d buy a house out near the coast

If they weren’t already sold

Chris checks in from time to time

From bloody old England

Let’s raise a pint to toast the Queen

And strike up the band

Larry from Chicago posts

His awesome photo-book

Check out his watch collection too

Just click his link and look

I've never met someone who cruised

As much as Sailingrose

She spends more time out on the sea

As everybody knows

And then there was Falin'

From up in Washington State

Made her truckers tow the line

Deliveries were never late

Shaunna out in Vegas

Loved to toss the dice

Always bet her wages

Snakeyes! Very nice.

Jennifer's from the Great White North

You can spot her in a crowd

That big red hat she wears

Is conspicuous and loud

Cheryl had the hots for Greg

Morning, noon, and night

Dude never had to beg

Nor turn out the bedroom light :wink2:

Debbie loves a good brew

Every Friday night

She and hubby flew

To the pub down on the right.

Now Joey out in Cali

Thought his nuptials were a comin’

Someone forget to tell the county

They sent Dave’ a jury summons!

And Skipper really struggled

Trying to hire the perfect pastor

Hiring the wrong fellow

Could lead to a disaster

Longboysfan from Joisey

Thought he was living large

‘Til he realized that the piers had switched

And he was on a garbage barge

Now Shari, she’s a sweety

Who really likes to cruise

But when her ship’s in drydock

She has to sing the blues

Robert, he’s a Texan

Persistence he holds dear

But Ike taught Rob a lesson

When he sunk Carnival’s pier

Sue, she was so lovely

Every time she dressed in pink

She and Pappy walked every morning

At least that’s what I think

Marcy and James and Debbie and Jerry

You’d think they all were hitched

Will Marcy and Debbie ever regale us

On the night their keys got switched?

Keith and Rita cut a rug

Every chance they got

Even on a tug

Their passion was so hot

Howard, he’s a classy guy

Always know’s just what to say

He could teach Kevin a lesson

On using tact today

Mercedes liked to cruise the world

Especially through Europe

She dined on crepes suzette

With lots of caramel syrup

The other Carmen was insane

She really cruised alot

What she paid in cruiseline fares

Could have bought a private yacht

Joan and Joe were so classy

From up near New York City

If they ever had to mainline cruise

That would be a real pity

And Steve from out in Kansas

Took Gramps out on the ship

Until they hit the dance floor

He didn’t know Gramps was so hip

And then there was Frostyboy

Who wrote such great reviews

You always knew just how much fun

He had out on his cruise

And where has Jeanne been of late

Out on the open sea?

Hope she’s staying out of trouble

Cause she seems alot like me

Let’s hear it for the fireman

Who hails from New York State

May Tim’s presence help us never forget

9/11, that terrible date

Gemcruiser’s married to

The fastest guy around

When he’s not breaking land speed records

She reminds him to slow down! :wink2:

RayColie is the Piano Man

Taking song requests

But he lost his gig to a buxom gal

With a pair of F-sized breasts! :ohmy:

Cruznchris drives his Mustang

When he isn’t cruisin’

Hope he doesn’t meet up with a ZR1

‘Cuz he really hates loosin’! :tongue:

Ellie lives in Kissimmee

Just what does that imply?

All I can tell you about those folks -

Their lips are never dry! :wink2:

BSCorvette, now he’s a hoot

And the fires he can stoke

Especially when he gets political

And posts a presidential joke! :ohmy::laugh:

LindaSueLucas from Harrisburg

Works and never fails

She keeps the letters moving

Come rain, sleet, snow or hails

Someone call nurse Vickey

The dock's getting out of hand!

She keeps a jar of little pills

That can send us all to la-la land

"Time out!" yelled MaryLou

When she opened up the dock

"How can I maintain order

When late night Crazies run amok!"

Jason is a genius

When it comes to web design

Without CruiseCrazies website

How would we spend our time?!

Gottcruz, she was so proud

Of Jason’s fine creation

Conceived one night aboard

The Carnival Sensation

Where else will you find

People so diverse

Who come together and post

Online the friendliest site on Earth!

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