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I am sure everyone who has cruised or especially first time cruisers have gotten a little lost or turned around on a cruise ship. What you may not know is that every cruise ship has markers on them to let you know exactly where you are on the ship. Every ship is built in sections and every entry way and every archway between sections has a tag somewhere around its frame. This tag tells you what floor you are on as well as where you are on the ship. Take some time to look at these tags it will be a series of numbers. One number will always be the same on each floor, that is the deck number. Another set of numbers will change either by going up or down and that will tell you if you are going forward or aft, this is a section number. Another number will tell you if your are port or starboard, this will be either always odd or always even.

These numbers are really for the crew and the coast guard so they can always tell where they are in an emergancy, however if you look at them you will be able to figure out where you are at all times on a cruise ship. They are on every ship. Take down a few numbers and try to figure out where you are on the ship and it will help you on every ship.

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Eph, first of all, welcome to CruiseCrazies. It's great to have you as a member. Wow, I've been on so many cruises and never noticed that. I can go on the same ship over and over and still lose my way. So, that is a great tip. I will definitely be looking for those numbers from now on. Hope to see you posting very often .

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Wow - you learn something new everyday - thanks! I myself am directionally challenged. I could be on a ship for 7 days and still can't find my way off the elevator. :rolleyes2:

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