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Cruising Hawaii

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The unique thing about cruising Hawaii over say the Caribbean is that every island in Hawaii is different where the Caribbean has a lot of similarities in every island.

The truth is that you see very little of Hawaii. There are actually over 2000 Hawaian islands. Most people have heard of 4 or 5 islands.

I will post more on other islands but I will start off with Kauai. Kauai is the oldest of the islands that are visited by the ships. Kauai is also considered the most beautiful of all the islands. The truth is you have seen Kauai many times but did not know it. The majority of movies made in Hawaii were made on Kauai. Many war movies were made here. Jurasic park was made here, Indiana Jones movies were made here as well as many many other movies.

Many people come to Hawaii and are looking for the big waterfalls, well there really is one big waterfall worth seeing and that is on Kauai.

The Fern Groto is on Hawaii. This is where many Hawaiian weddings are performed. You take a river boat ride and then a short walk to get to the Groto. The smells from the plant life are phenominal as you head up the river. Most tours will have them perform the wedding song for you at the Groto.

One thing that is unique on Kauai is the fact that you will see hundreds of chickens and cats walking around together. These at one time were owned by families but during a large storm were set free so they could survive.

Kauai is where you should take some time to head to see some of the big gardens. You will see many beautiful flowers at these gardens. The macadamian nut farms are an interesting trip here.

There is a tour that will take you to what most call the little Grand Canyon. This is extremely beautiful and you have also seen this in the movies.

Taking a tour by one of the companies that use 4 wheel drive vehicles will get you to some of the most beautiful places on this island. The views they provide are unbelievable.

Like all the islands there are some nice beaches but that is not what Kauai is known for. You can rent scooters here very easily and get around on your own if you wish. Scooter rental is fairly cheap.

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We’re heading to the Hawaiian Islands for the tenth time later this year (only one of those trips was a cruise though) and Kauai is by far our favorite island! We could go on and on about all the wonderful things to see and do here, but there’s one thing we want to stress: Eat on the island! For many years we were among those cruisers who always went back to the ship to eat no matter what – after all, it’s already paid for, right? But we’ve found many restaurants in Hawaii to be simply amazing – it’s just such a unique mixture of styles and flavors you can’t find anywhere else! :biggrin:

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