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if only this was the newest Carnival ship!?

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Just think about it - 200 000 tons, 6000 passengers, Carnival! Huh! :thumbup: I like to share with you an amazing video I found while reading some Carnival news today - the Carnival Pinnacle cruise ship video showing what the largest Carnival ship ever could look like! This is a great animation done by the Fincantieri shipbuilding designers, and the elevators are going horizontal! :ohmy:

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That video was done by Fincantieri at the request of Carnival for a new larger class of ship. It was never seriously considered and was quickly replaced by the concept for the Dream Class.

The video circulated around Miami and one of the PVPs leaked it to a friend of mine who immediately posted it in the wild. Carnival denied the video as being a real project and the PVP lost her job.

I am WAY glad that Carnival didn't go in that direction. I simply can't imagine being on a ship that large with that many other guests. The new Vista Class will have a capacity of 4000... not too bad and a step back from the Dream Class 4400+. Thank you, Carnival.


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