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LIVE Cruise Chat - Thurs June 20! Hosted by Shon Ford, CruiseMan3000

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Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 20th @ 8PM Eastern ... Another exciting LIVE Cruise Chat!

Cruise Chat Topic: Cruising to Bermuda

Overview: Located off the coast of the Carolinas, Bermuda is an island many should consider sailing to on their next cruise vacation. As one of the few ports of call cruise lines call to overnight, and at affordable rates, this pink sand inhabited island is truly the dream location for any cruiser! From fresh rum cakes you can taste, to seeing a slave ship replica, to even walking the same steps as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, you'll soon find an excuse to sail Bermudian waters to get your island fix! Chat LIVE with our very own Shon "Cruise Man 3000" Ford, Blogger of the Cruisetacular Weekly Cruise Blog, as he shares his insight on cruises to the island, cheap things to do around Bermuda and his personal experiences cruising there on 2 cruises and a 3rd in July 2014

Get answers to the following:

- Why do cruise ships dock in Bermuda for more than a day?

- What is there to do in Bermuda?

- What time of year is the best to sail to Bermuda?

- Will you sail through the Bermuda Triangle?

- Does pink sand really exist on the island?

- How big is the island? Does it feel over populated?

- Where are the best beaches?

- Where's the best island food?

...and so many more!

"Bring your sun tan, cruisetacular spirits and questions for this cruise chat that is guaranteed to inspire you to hit the Bermudian shores faster than any cruising speed!"


Thurs, June 20 @ 8PM ET - Tell your friends, family, and co-workers!

Participation limited to members only (it's free to join). To access the chat room click the following link:

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I'm looking forward to it! I've done two land trips and one cruise to Bermuda, and it was the most relaxing cruise ever! Three days in port (St. George, in 2008) makes it so easy to come and go with no rush to get back to the ship! Can't wait to ear what Shon has to tell us!

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We just made our 20th cruise to Bermuda and I would love to join the chat but grandson Colin is graduating on the 20th. If anyone has any questions I hope they will ask. It's really great to have an extended stay there and really get to see everything you want to see. It is without a doubt our favorite destination.

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We've been to Bermuda twice. Loved it. Thankfully, my brother that sailed with us had been there numerous times prior to us so we kind of had "Tour Guide" for our trips there. We would reserve scooters a week prior to our arrival and they would have them at the pier in Kings Warf or St. George waiting for us when we arrived. Being the Island is only about 22 miles long and 3 miles wide, we were able to traverse Bermuda from one end to the other, stopping at beaches and English pubs along the way. And we loved waking up to Bermuda every morning for 4 days. Looking forward to this Shon!! :thumbup: Plan to see me in the CHAT on the 20th!!

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The first time in Bermuda - back in 1977 on our honeymoon - we rented mopeds - precursor to the scooters. We were young, and carefree, and a little crazy - rum swizzles and scooters made for an interesting drive. It was a miracle we made it back to the hotel - with us and other drivers unscathed. Our second time, 20 years later on our anniversary, we once again rented scooters. I was a little apprehensive - the roads seemed a lot busier than I remembered. My husband, the cocky one, decided he didn't need the 2-minute quickie lesson from the sales rep. He started the thing up, headed out the driveway - right into oncoming traffic. Fortunately, his quick reflexes saved him from making me a widow. Seems he momentarily forgot about driving on the left. On our third time in 2008 - on a cruise from Boston this time - I voted a big NO on scooter rentals - I wanted to live to see our future grandchildren. :-)

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We've never been to Bermuda or the Bermuda Triangle! I will be driving back from a short business trip so I will miss it.

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