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Paying for entertainment on the Epic.

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Most Norwegian ships have some form of dinner theatre that does have a charge, but none of the normal theatre entertainment has any charge.

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There are just a few options with a cover charge. For instance, the Circque Dreams show I recently paid extra for on the Norwegian Epic was well worth the extra cost. With this particular show, there are two different cover charges. The more expensive one serves a very good steak dinner, and seating is on the main floor where all the action takes place. The lower fee is for seating above the action, which in my honest opinion, would provide a better view. I am returning to the Epic in about 10 days, and have booked the show again - this time with the upper level seating. I'll let you know what I think.

If you're not interested in entertainment with a cover charge, there are plenty of great shows and activities that are complimentary.

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I just want to clarify my comments about the seating for Cirque Dreams. BOTH the premium seats and the regular seats get a meal - which is not all that great, by the way. Portions were small - and everybody gets the same salad, fries, little piece of beef and 3 tiny desserts. If you go, spend the extra money for premium, as the regular seats are in booths way in the back, with only a partial view of the action going on. 

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Genting Corporation (owners of Crystal, Dream, Star Cruises)  also are now up charging for some shows too.  I was on Star Super Virgo in March. Which by the way is the worst ship I have ever been on.  They charged extra for many of the shows. But it was also the only cruise ship  I know of that limits food to 1 meal per period, or up charges you. 


I believe we as guest will be seeing more and more fees as the cruise lines try to generte more profits.

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