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September 1st, 2018


Hi Everyone...here we are in to September already.  I can't believe that summer is soon over.  Hoping that we all have a great September with lots of love, good health, nice fall weather, and everything good!

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Hi Everyone, 

We're enjoying beautiful weather here on the 1st day of September before the hot, sticky stuff comes back tomorrow. It's a pretty quiet weekend here - no big BBQs to deal with. Monday, daughter Jenn and my brother Norm and his wife will be over for steamers. Hopefully, the big bad bees nest will be gone by then. The nest and the bees are dead, which is sad to the bee loving crowd. But the nest was huge and full of the worst kind of hornets, so we had to call a professional. They'll be back tomorrow to remove it for good. 

Thanks for starting the new month off, Shari. I hope Miranda and Andi are having great cruises, and that September brings more members to our community. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Jan...I may be overthinking on that nice fall weather so soon...LOL  Hope it doesn't get too hot and sticky there.  Having family over for steamers sounds like a good way to spend Labor Day.  We are just having my aunt and her best friend over...we will keep the hard labor down without a crowd of people this year...LOL  Marc wants to make ribs; they do sound good.  Love it when he cooks, usually only a couple of times a year, but he does well with what he does.  Love his chili!  You're very welcome on my starting the new "Dock."  I'm usually up late anyway.  Hope they can get your bees nest out of there for you.  Don't think the hornets are very friendly like honeybees are. Yes...hope that Miranda and Andi are having a great time on their cruises.  And it will be great if we can bring in more members.  Have a great weekend!

Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful holiday weekend. 

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Good Morning, Crazies!

   There has been a lot of activity in the area after the passing of John McCain.  His memorial service was very touching, and very poignant.  I hope that the legislators in attendance were listening rather than sleeping.   Senator McCain was a man who lived a code of honor rather than politics.  Annapolis will be very crowded today, as he is laid to rest at the small cemetery in the Naval Academy.

   I have prepared query letters for three agents who might represent my novel.  I will be talking to my editor later on this week, seeking her advice.  I am also trying to tie the novel into my performing.  I'm talking to the manager at the local Barnes and Noble about doing my lecture series on Jazz History, perhaps on Saturday mornings in the fall, and I've auditioned a singer for possibly performing at clubs in Annapolis.  We'll see if any of that comes to fruition - if it does, all of those things reinforce each other.

   Jan, any hornet nest you get rid of is a one less aggressive, nasty villain in Little Rhody.  Go fer it!  Hope you enjoyed the first of September - we didn't get the promised respite from the hot weather, but I bet we do get the promised rising temps this week!  I had promised myself a walk around the block yesterday, and I took it; result was that I was soaking wet by the end of it.  Church today, but no walk!

   Shari, my neighbor raises honeybees, and the hornets moved in and almost took over!  Those hornets will chase away the honeybees if you let them!  This is the time of year that I would enjoy visiting Kevin... I'll bet the weather up there is ten times better than here right now...  Grace wrote a message to Yuki asking about how to rearrange space to accommodate a newborn - maybe I'll get a grandchild from those two after all!

   Church begins in less than three hours, so I'd better get myself in gear.  Blessings to all the rest of the Crazies, whether cruising or beached...

Have A Great Day, Crazies!

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Monday September 3, 2018 Happy Labor Day

Hello To All Crazies here

Labor Day is here and the end of Summer has come.... a few hours away for those in the United States.  Great F1 Race last night from Italy. Lewis Hamilton ran a great race winning and pulling 30 points ahead for the season.  Vettel's hard charging costs him dearly in the race. Another rainy start of the week here in the Philippines. Reynaline comes home later today she spend the weekend on a mini vacation with her girlfriends in El Nido, Palawan. Will be picking her up at the airport located on the old Clark Air Force base later today. It is nice having the airport so close and not having to travel to Manila and deal with the traffic.


Enjoy your BBQ with friends today. It will be the last BBQ of the summer with Fall coming and the shifting to indoor parties.  Before you know it the BBQ area will be covered in white cold stuff.


Ribs for Labor Day sounds great, maybe even better because Marc is preparing them o you do not need to do the work just enjoy the results. 

Miranda & Andi 

Both off ending Summer on great cruises. Looking forward to your returns soon.


[Content removed due to violation of Community Guidelines. Contact Jason directly for any questions]

Edited by Jason
Violation of Community Guidelines

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Hi Everyone...hope you are all enjoying this Labor Day Weekend.  We had a great day, and Marc's ribs were very good.  We just had my auntie over and her best friend wasn't able to come.  All of our kids mostly have their own thing to do, some at the fair and some at the lake, etc.  One of my best friends will come over tomorrow.  It was very nice having a quiet visit with my aunt, and not having to keep getting up and waiting on people.  Although, I do miss having all the family over we are now enjoying smaller, quieter, and easier get-togethers...LOL  Marc did it all today...he is my hero.  My friend who will come over tomorrow is a singer...maybe we can sing away to all the old songs...and have a drink before dinner...LOL

Ray...it sounds like things are coming around well for you.  I hope it all works out the best way ever for you.  The honeybees...glad they stopped the hornets...they are not so nice.  Marc's dad had honeybees for many years, so Marc is real familiar with them.  Is it too soon to say Congratulations?  That is really exciting that Grace is asking for room for a little one.  Hoping you and Yuki will have a new little grandson or granddaughter soon...How special is that!?  Our weather here has cooled  off a little but we have had rain and humidity for awhile now...not good for the State Fair.  It should be getting nicer now that we are into September, but you can never tell here in MN.  On April 14th, the day we renewed our vows, we had a huge blizzard here, and two weeks later we were up into the 90s...LOL  

Todd...hope you don't get too much rain again.  So nice that Lyn is coming home.  You must have missed her.  So nice that she had a weekend with friends.  Glad that you enjoyed the race.  It is nice having the airport close if you don't mind the noise.  Hope your kitty-cats are well.  My aunt has a cat that bites her also, when she's hungry.  Mostly she is very friendly...she is a rescue cat.

Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful weekend.  

Edited by Shari2

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Good morning,

I hope you’re all enjoying Labor Day weekend. David and I were at the gym this morning taking a beating by our trainer. Now I’m ready for a nap. Can’t sleep, though, as I have to run errands before the BBQ. 

Shari - I say the same thing. I like the smaller, intimate gatherings. The conversation is better and I’m not so tired when it’s over. I’m glad you got to spend some time with your aunt. 

Ray - the hornets’ nest is history. The guys had to come by three times and spray over the last week and finally took it out yesterday when they deemed the area safe. The heat and humidity have returned here, and tomorrow will be worse, so I hear. 

Time to get to the seafood place to pick up my steamers before they close for the day.

Edited by Jan115

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Hi Everyone...we had another great day here...fun with my BFF, and Marc cooked again.  I feel like a princess who was waited on...so nice.  Weather is a bit gloomy so we could see some more rain or thunder storms tonight.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

Jan...so nice that the hornets are gone, but not so good that the heat and humidity is coming back.  I should be following you and David and going to the gym, or even staying home and doing that workout...definitely need to start on the diet soon. The smaller more intimate gatherings are pretty special...you are right that the conversation is good...we actually do get to talk to people, and not be cooking and running around trying to make everything perfect, and yes, not so tired after.  This one was pretty special since hubby was doing the cooking...and it was all good.  My friend even sang a few songs.  The steamers sound really good...yumm  Have a nice time with family.

Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a great day!


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