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Hi All,

Saw the ENT who read my MRI and said the nerve looks in great shape. They were looking for tumors etc but nothing Hallelujah.  So ......... I am still tkaing an anti-viral for 2 weeks and then see him again.  The diagnosis is:  Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. 

I am running out of options - he said he could inject anti-viral meds into the eardrum (behind the eardrum) as a next resort.  Are you kidding me, that sounds horrendous.  Thereafter it's the hearing aid route.

So that's my news.  We spent 24 hours in Melbourne with the family and went to the grandkids play "Peter Pan"  Emily was amazing as Wendy .... lots of fun had by all.  I stopped at The Avenue Mall in Viera and bought a Fitbit Versa - so let's see if it can motivate me to move more.

Have a great weekend all!

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Hi there Crazies,

Got some sad news last week. Martina called me and told me our friend Jeff from Nashville died. He was only 50 years old and really loved life. I've got precious memories to remember him by, but will miss him big time. I hoped he and Jay would join one of our group cruises. You would really like him too. Maybe Jay will join us someday.

Wow Jackie, hearing loss. Does that mean it won't come back? Sure hope that's not the case. 

Andi, Easter was perfect weather wise. Yesterday was King's day and it was pretty chilly and wet, so is today. But in fact we do need the rain. Still recovering from last year's drought. Temperatures are going up as of tomorrow, so nothing to complain about. Oh and only 102 more days to go.

Jan, welcome back and loved the review. And you guys really did well working out every day, wow. 

Hope everyone is doing fine. Have a great Sunday Crazies.


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Hi Miranda, yes we are hoping that the anti-virals will work but if not it looks like hearing aids will be the recommendation.

Miranda, somehow I missed when you came onboard here on the Daily Dock, where I'm sure you explained where you are from and live etc.  Were you born in the Netherlands?  We have just been reflecting on our time there a year ago which we thoroughly enjoyed, well maybe not the multitude of bicyclists 😄 I have 2 family members over there now enjoying the beauty of Keukenhof and your wonderful canals.

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Hello, Crazies!

   In a month we'll be in Beijing.  The Cruise Dox arrived today (Thanks Jan!) and everything seems set.  End-of-year recital comes up in three weeks, so I'm ramping up for that - awards to prepare, programs to make up and print, beat on a few students so that they'll be ready... Yuki stays more or less calm through the whole thing.  Egad!

   Jackie, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all that mess!  If it were me, the med I would probably opt for at this juncture would be cocaine.  Possibly salty sea air would help clear things up, so a couple of transatlantic cruises might work; perhaps the doctor would prescribe that for you, so you could take it off taxes.

   Jan, looking over the dox, it looks like everything is in good shape.  Another great job you did!!  And it sounds like David did a really impressive job of dieting - 95 pounds is a lot of will power.  So did you - I find it difficult to drop just ten pounds!

   Miranda, I am sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.  It is so hard to deal with the loss of a friend because each friend owns at least a small slice of ourselves...

   Andi, it appears that you are making the most out of retirement - I doubt that nothing has time to grow under your feet, even weeds.  In one school of thought, if you keep busy enough, you don't have enough time to notice that age keeps on creeping up! LOL   I have a bit of insider information on the Adriatic cruise, and we can share info.  BTW, Yuki and I will be celebrating our 50th anniversary  in '21, and that cruise will be our anniversary present to each other!

   Time to get myself together for the piano lessons tonight...

Have A Great Day, Crazies!


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Good Monday Evening, Crazies!  Chilly and very rainy day...close on the heels of another Sneaux day that we had on Saturday...I've had about enough of that!!  Another successful gala is in the books with great food and a lively crowd of about 350 spending money for a great cause!  And boy did we add our dollars to the pot....Hubbie got it into his head to throw in a bid on a very expensive trip and ended up being the winning bidder...I about fell out of my chair! I had put in a starter bid early on, but quit once it started climbing.   He truly thought the bidding would keep going, but it didn't.  It's all ours now!   So...I'm thinking we will probably have to forego the Ireland/Iceland cruise in 2020.  Since we already have a 10-day Baja cruise, an Alaska cruise with Lucas, and a Disney trip planned - this one definitely puts us over...not just the edge....but flying off a big fat cliff for the year, ha!  Oh well....it's only money, right?  If we have to sit at home eating Ramen noodles and playing cards a few years earlier than planned, oh well...😂

Jackie - That is certainly good news that there are no tumors...and yes, now you see if it is a virus that hopefully subsides.  Fingers crossed for you! 

Miranda - So sorry to hear about your friend...I gather that it was unforeseen or sudden?  Way way way too young!  But so nice that you have a number of friends coming on our Canada cruise with us - I look forward to meeting them all!

Ray - That is so neat that you and Yuki will be celebrating 50 years!  This year is our 45th so by cruise time it will be 47...We will just have to go again when we hit the big 50, lol!  Good luck with the year-end recitals, etc.  I'm sure all of your students will do you proud.  And have a magnificent time on that China trip coming up!! 

Well - guess I better take a look at what's on the docket for tomorrow and get settled in for the evening.  Have a great week, everyone!


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Andi - sounds like a super fun evening, how exciting ..... tell us about "the very expensive trip" now you have really piqued my interest.  HaHa, I hear you about the Ramen noodles and playing cards, a 6 week African Safari/trip will contribute to that as well. 😄 😄 

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