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Hi Everyone,

Just came back from a walk. I’ve stepped up the exercise and healthy eating over the last couple of days and made it out of the weight slump I was in. Our trainer is away next week, so we have a week on our own to reach the goals we set. David has exceeded his, and I am short by 5 pounds. 5 pounds in a week is a lot to expect, but I’ll give it my best shot.? 

Miranda - Ascension Day over here is purely a religious observance, so no public holiday for us. Since we have our Memorial Day holiday, I guess we’re even.? Enjoy your day off! My river cruise is October 6 with 2-day extension in Zurich. I’ve got all my excursions set, but still was hoping to plan something for Zürich besides the guided walk in town. It may be my only chance to see the Swiss Alps, and Viking’s tour is very pricey.

Andi - we had fabulous weather last weekend, sunny and in the 70’s. Then the rain moved in on Tuesday, and it poured on and off through the week. A few thunder storms passed by, but none of the wild cyclones you folks are getting out there. The sun came out today, and we’re expecting another warm and sunny repeat of last weekend. We have been very lucky. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the Ocean Ready app, and I wish I could help. Unfortunately, my techno knowledge is pretty limited. I hope the phone support line can help. You have August Rush, and we have Waitress on Sunday, followed by dinner after the show with Norm and Dana. We’ve got two more shows for the series - The Band’s Visit and Hamilton. We chose not to renew for next year. Since we gave our seats away for two of the shows and had to reschedule some others, we decided it’s a lot of money when David’s schedule is uncertain. We’ll pick a couple of favorites next season and be content with that.

Jackie - It must be frustrating hearing about all the flooding and rain around the country with none for you. I’ll pray to the rain gods so that your poor plants will get hydrated and maybe cool things down for you.

Enjoy the weekend!

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