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Daily Dock for June, 2019

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Happy Sunday Crazies,

So glad I had my AC installed. Needed it last couple of nigths as temps were far over 80, low 90, not at night of course but still. And as of tomorrow some relief in that heat. Temps will be a comfortable mid-70's. So much better. France is really suffering, far over 100 and as you said Jackie, Europe is not as AC  minded as the rest of the world. Although that's changing now, of course. 

Talking about that heat Jackie, I saw Florida is fighting wild fires. Hope they're not affecting you. I know Florida is a couple of times bigger than my country, but when I hear or see stuff my first thoughts are with the people I know. 

Andi, only 39 more days, slowly but surely!

Jan, so glad to know you haven't changed that much, but losing 2 sizes is great. I don't think you need to lose to much anymore.

Ray, our girls made it to the semi finals. Hope they'll win next Wednesday. Could be exciting to meet in the finals. Either way, I won't like you any less if you win, I think ?

Shari, still thinking about you and hoping you're doing all right.

Jason, I do hope you'll keep CC going, It would be such a shame to shut it down. What will I tell my Dutch friends after being one of the Crazies for six or seven years? 

Have a great day Crazies and stay cool, safe etc.


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Hi Everyone,

Let the countdown begin! I don’t mean the cruise countdown. I mean I’m counting down to the time when grandson, Alex goes home to his parents who will be returning from Aruba tomorrow night. I love the kid, and it’s been a lot of fun, but I’m exhausted.?

Andi - I have both of us registered on Ocean Ready. He’s been unable to log on to his, so I don’t know what’s up with that. He should be able to have his own.

Miranda - I hope the heat over there has diminished. I’m glad we’re not traveling to Europe right now! With the grandkid here, our upstairs AC is doing overtime. Can’t wait to see THAT power bill!?

Ray - now is a great time for those newfound Viking friends of yours to book our Mediterranean cruise with their Explorer sale going on through July 31. Hope they come along with us!

Gotta get this kid to bed. Have a great night! 


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Good Tuesday Evening, Crazies!  I may have to suspend this post if the storm we are having does goofy things to our power and/or internet!  Yes....the storms and heat continue - just what I wished for, right, lol?!  But we did end up with a dry Saturday night at Ravinia - yay!  AND....upon arrival I took a chance and checked with the Box Office and scored pavilion seats - yay again!  It was a wonderful concert and a great night with my girls.  Then Sunday we had breakfast with a cousin whom I have not seen in many moons!  She wanted to visit the graves of our shared Grandma, and of my Mom and Dad, so we went cemetery slumming in the 92 degree heat, ha!  It was nice to see her and catch up a bit.

Jan - You may already be in bed after a week with your Little Guy - wow!  I know how that is....fabulous and exhausting.  We are headed to ST. Louis with ours for three days on Monday so I will be in just about the same shape, ha!  Guess who called me again today?  Princess Cruises.  And they fixed the glitch that was keeping many people like me from ordering Medallions.  So now ours are supposedly on their way along with the bracelet for me and the sports band for Ed. 

Miranda - Hope you haven't melted yet.  We are now in the same kind of heat, but I kind of love it.  Well our girls made it past England today...so we'll see what happens next!  37 days....

Jackie - I'm sorry you also suffer from the knee pain, etc.  It is no fun, that's for sure!  How is your ear doing - any improvement?  My hip is slightly better IF I don't sleep on that side, or try to walk too much or too fast....what a pain!

Ray - It would be great to have some of your newfound friends on the Viking cruise with us!   And can't wait to start planning....excursions....dining....Venice.....yay!

Well - I think I'll try to sneak a shower in between lightning strikes.  Thursday we will have a cookout at Heidi's and then head to the fireworks.  Hoping the weather holds.  My friend and I are also heading in to Ravinia on Sunday night for a Queen tribute.  I am kicking myself now, since Monday morning we head for St. Louis with Lucas....oh well - I will survive, lol!  Take care, Crazies and have a wonderful 4th of July!

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