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Daily Dock for August

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So nice to see some more posts around here. Thanks

I'm happy to inform you that I lost the pounds I gained on our group cruise. Yay! So, let's do a cruise 😁

All the best to everyone who might be affected by Dorian. Jackie, still keeping my fingers crossed for you. Do you have a back up plan?

Have a great weekend everyone,


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Hi everyone - 

We're enjoying our last day of the long Labor Day weekend. It's been a relaxing one for us - just hanging around the house, grilling and picking up daughter Jenn from the airport today, coming back her weekend in Toronto to visit a friend. Amanda is back at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire this weekend, and the next 6 weekends, fiddlin' and singin'. It looks like Jackie escaped Florida before the hurricane reaches the coast, so she must be relieved, as we all are.🙂 

Miranda, I've lost about half of what I gained, but hope in another week those excess pounds will be history. David, too.

Andi - You must be busy catching up after the cruise. Pop in and say HI. 😁

The last part of my cruise blog - a port review - is up at: sevenseajourneys.wordpress.com

I also put up a review of the whole cruise here on CC: 

Now that I've finished writing my brains out, I'm ready to focus on my next cruise on the Norwegian Joy, March 8, 2020, to the Mexican Riviera. 😁 

Edited by Jan115

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HELLOOOOO Crazies!   I'm sorry that I have been missing in action since our return from that delightful cruise!  I had an incident at the very end of the cruise....more below....and then it just seemed incredibly hard to catch up with all of my clubs and meetings, etc., plus a few doctor appts. related to another recent incident.  But I'm back and intend to stay back, ha!

So Jan - I noted in your review that you regard disembarkation in NYC as disorganized...to say the least, right?  As you say, we had to wait and wait and wait due to luggage not being ready.  And as I was already "miffed" because they did not offer luggage check-through to the airports, that we have taken advantage of on other cruises, I was all the more miserable because of the unending taxi line...with no taxis showing up!  (Well....very few...and not often!)  So we had been in line almost an hour...moving up as taxis came...schlepping our luggage along the line when...bam.....I did a face plant right on the concrete. 😖

When I was trying to move two big suitcases forward, one of them caught on a crack in the cement and it stopped dead....and I kept going.  I hit my face so hard I thought I knocked my teeth out - but luckily - they are all still in place, ha!  But I did manage to cut my lip and scrape my cheek, nose, forehead, shoulder and knees.  Since I was not about to give up my place in line...and now worried about missing our flight...I just stood there and bled all over.  But luckily there were some nice people who handed me kleenexes.  Finally we got a cab but it was another hour to the airport.  So over two hours had passed until I could put something cold on my face, resulting in a very fat lip.  I spent the next several days putting ice on various body parts and trying to not look like I had been beat up.  All in all I was very very lucky:  no broken bones; probably just a slight concussion; my knees are still working, albeit sore.

I  must say I do heal very quickly because my face is almost back to normal now, although the bruises on the rest of me are interesting shades of blue/green/purple...      And then......  possibly related to the fall, but not necessarily, it seems I have developed what Jackie has:  sudden sensorineural hearing loss in the left ear - the same side of the face I fell on.  The doctor said it could be the fall or more likely it could be a virus, which is also what they told you, Jackie, right?  So I have been for the auditory tests and now must call tomorrow to schedule an MRI......  Mine is not total hearing loss, but tones in the upper registers.  But the feeling of your ear being plugged up is most annoying, lol!  The MRI is mostly to rule other things out....so we'll hope that that comes back normal.

At any rate - I miss you guys already!!  I saw your next cruise, Miranda - congratulations!   And I hope Kase - is that how you spell it - enjoyed his few days in New York.  I am now not a fan of disembarking there, but in time I'm sure the bad feelings will subside, lol!

Ray - you are still missing in action?  COME ON, MAN!

Jackie - The posts say that you made it out before Dorian - I hope your home and all stays safe!  And hoping to hear from  you soon as well!

We went to the zoo with Lucas yesterday and am enjoying the holiday before getting back to "work"!  I am the registrar for two events coming up at the end of the month, doing pickup two days a week for Lucas, and everything just starts up all over again.....Goodbye Summer!


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Andi - OMG 😮! What a terrible ordeal. To have to deal with a disembarkation nightmare, long waits, airport traffic, and then a serious fall on top of it all. The fall on your face must have hurt like hell, but I’m so glad you’re okay!  We were lucky enough to find our luggage waiting for us, but there was a whole crowd of people standing by in the terminal waiting for luggage to come off the ship.  What a fiasco! We disembarked only one other time in Brooklyn - last fall on the Regal - and it went fine. We got a taxi this time right away, but the ride to the Port Authority bus station took forever - doesn’t help that it was a Monday morning.

I hope the hearing issue clears up quickly for you!

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Back from the mountains where I spent labor day weekend.

Happy to hear Jackie made it out early and will be bound for her African safari soon. 

Hoping Dorian gets OUT of the Bahamas and heads out to sea!

Sorry to hear about your mom, Falina.  Two years may have gone by, but I'm sure you still think of her daily.

Andi, that sounds horrible!  Does Uber or Lyft work that area?

Jan, the exchange student was my daughter's idea.  She has made many friends with other exchange students over the years.  I made her write a White Paper listing the pros and cons, and how she was going to prepare a room.  It was very convincing, so here we are.

Miranda, congrats on losing the cruise weight.  That ain't easy!

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Wow Andi, that was horrible. So happy to see you're doing okay and hoping the hearin issue will pass. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Jeez! Disembarkation was chaos. When I got there I wasn't allowed to get to the luggugge cause it wasn't there yet and the people telling me got quite arrogant. And yes I do miss you guys too. 

So good to see Jackie made it out all right. Have a great time Jackie, you deserve it.

Well this is my last day at home. Worked through my emails and prepare for work again. Fortunately I have a little getaway to look forward to at the end of October. Martina and I are going to visit Joan in England. Hopefully I can find a nice deal for  a cruise around Christmas. 

Well got to go and get my groceries. Have a great week.


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Good Tuesday Evening, Crazies!  Thanks for the good wishes you guys.  They called and scheduled my MRI for tomorrow morning so hopefully we can rule out some things and figure out what's next.  I have had MRIs before but not on the auditory canal.  They said I can't eat solid food for 5 hours prior.....I can't imagine what that has to do with it, but I will obey the orders......😧

Jan - What time did you get off that there was no wait for taxis?  That was just a nightmare.  But you are right - it did not help that it was Monday morning.  Glad that you didn't miss your bus, though

Kevin - We probably should have gone with Uber - have never done Lyft but could have tried it - but that area seemed just as crowded and chaotic.  And then they have really weird pickup and dropoff rules in NYC so who knows how far we would have needed to walk.  Like our driver was saying that his cab could not pick up at LaGuardia, but could drop off and some ride shares had to stop before the terminals so as to exit without entering the terminals, or something like that.    Actually the construction was so bad around the airport that we had to be dropped off at the arrivals area and make our way to departures - ramps and exits were closed and portions blocked off.  We will know better next time...I guess, ha?!  So has your foreign exchange student just arrived or just departed?  I have a friend who had one all of last year - from Taiwan.  It was quite the experience, especially because they have no children of their own!

Miranda - Good luck going back to work - that was always hard for me.  And although I am officially retired, sometimes I feel like I am going back to work, what with all the clubs and agencies I help with; although that is totally of my own doing so cannot complain.  I have a short getaway at the end of October, too - heading to Seneca Falls, NY and Hyde Park....Boston, etc. on a trip with my AAUW ladies.  It is to celebrate 100-year anniversary of suffrage...a year early, lol, to avoid the crowds.  I am looking forward to that and to Costa Rica right after Thanksgiving.  And yes, you need to get a holiday cruise booked so we can all anticipate with you!

Glad to hear that Jackie got out okay and thinking about all the ones who will be affected by Dorian.  It is so sad what she did to the Bahamas, those poor people.  Stay safe, everyone. 

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Andi - we were in the second group I think waiting to disembark in the coral dining room. While we waited, the next groups poured in, standing room only, and there were a lot of angry people. So, as soon as we were called, we made our way down where our luggage was waiting, lucky for us. I guess there were still plenty of taxis because so many people were still waiting for their luggage. What a mess!

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