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For those who can't make it for 2019, why not start talking about 2020! Throw out your ideas and see what floats!

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  2. Love to do the Edge of course, but January/February not too much, March/April/May and Summer months are more manageable. Enchanted Princess sounds good to me too. Virgin is just sailing the Carribbean for just a couple of days and is pretty expensive, unless that changed.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, Andi. I agree on the Edge for Greece. If I do the Edge, I’d rather do the Caribbean in January. We’ll wait for Miranda to give us her thoughts. In the meantime, if any other members want to make suggestions for a 2020 cruise, please do.🙂
  4. OK - here would be my possibles out of those options (in order of works best to least): 1. Eastern Caribbean on the Edge in January or February - love the 3 sea days on this one because the ship is so fabulous! 2. Ireland/Iceland on the Reflection on July 6 3. Enchanted Princess - in July or August 4. The 10/11-day Italy/Greece Edge one would be hard for me to manage money-wise in 2020, and if Ray is still planning on Greece in 2021 on Viking this one doesn't make sense for me..
  5. We’ve been talking up Celebrity Edge, and they are doing Caribbean early next year. This one works well for me.
  6. Celebrity Edge 10 or 11 day Greece round trip from Rome. Summer 2020
  7. New Princess Ship: Enchanted Princess!🙂 Ordinarily I like longer cruises in the Mediterranean, but I figure to spend a few days in Rome before the cruise. What do you think?
  8. I agree - we need to see the exact itineraries for 2020; I like the Constellation cruise for one because it is roundtrip Venice (kind of makes air a bit easier, although I don't think you can fly nonstop?) But I also love the Infinity itinerary because Kotor is really beautiful; the approach is through a fjord that reminds me of Norway. Hope some others weigh in here, but there is plenty of time yet, lol!
  9. Andi - Being a diehard Game of Thrones fan, a cruise that includes Dubrovnik and Sibenik (Croatia) would suit me just fine.🙂 10 days on the Constellation would be great, or the 7-night on the Infinity. I loved the Ocean Princess before she was done away with, so the Pacific would be great, though David didn't care for it much. But I really think I would like the Med/Adriatic on the Infinity the best. Again, we'll really have to see what ships are going where in 2020, but at least we'll have a destination in mind.
  10. So here are some additional Adriatic options that I came up with...trying to keep with a smaller ship but with some rest days: On Celebrity: (These are 2019 itineraries - they are not out with their 2020s yet, but thinking they will offer similar) 10-N Greek Isles on the Constellation: Out of Venice...Dubrovnik, At Sea, Crete, Mykonos, Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, Katakalon, At Sea, Venice. 7-N Eastern Med & Adriatic on the Infinity: Out of Rome...Sicily, Malta, At Sea, Argostoli (Greece,) Dubrovnik, Zadar, Venice 7-N Adriatic on the Infinity: Out of Venice with Overnight...Split, Kotor, Corfu, At Sea, Naples, Rome On Princess: (Again, a 2019 itinerary...) Two choices on the Pacific Princess which holds only 670 passengers: 12-N Greek Isles: Out of Venice with an overnight there, Sibenik (Croatia,) Kotor, Corfu, At Sea, Rhodes, Santorini, At Sea, Sicily, Salerno, Rome. I like the overnight in Venice to start and the two days at sea; This one sails in November 2019, so probably will do the same in 2020. 12-N Western Med & Adriatic: Out of Rome, Genoa, At Sea, Salerno, Sicily, Malta, At Sea, Kotor, Split, Ravenna, Slovenia, Venice with Overnight. This sails in October 2019, so thinking same for 2020. There are also a number of options on Royal and NCL - if interested I can detail some of those here as well.
  11. Great - let me know what you find, and I will look as well. David's got academic commitments through early 2019, and after that, it's all up in the air, so feel free to toss out dates September and on, as well.
  12. Jan - that was my sentiment exactly - which I think is one reason Ray agreed to consider other lines, which I do want to check out.
  13. Love Viking and love that 8-day itinerary, but I sure wish there was a sea day to break it up. 😯
  14. You could be right, Miranda - I sure wish they would come out with some preliminary itinerary plans and an idea of the prices?? In the meantime....Ray and I were looking at a Venice to Athens or something to that affect...hoping to include the ports of Dubrovnic and Santorini. Viking has several itineraries: 8-day Venice to Athens with stops in Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Corfu, and Katakolon (I lose Santorini..but would still consider this one. There are dates in late May, 2020 10-day Venice to Athens with stops in Koper (Slovenia,) Zadar (Croatia,) Dubrovnik, Kotor, Corfu, Katakolon, Santorini. This one doesn't go in May, but has several dates in late September... Ray said I could also consider some of the other cruise lines - preferably on smaller ships - so I can check out itinerarie on those as well.
  15. You are ahead of me, cause I was also thinking 2020 because of the new Virgin cruise ship. That could be nice right?
  16. I know - it's early, but I thought I'd get the conversation going, anyway. If you can't make our cruise in 2019, this would be a good place to talk about the following year.
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