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    7 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Cruises


    Written By Michael Webb

    Going on a cruise will be one of the most fun and memorable experiences of your life but without some important information your fantastic trip could become a total disaster.

    Here are the 7 biggest mistakes people make on cruises and how to avoid them.

    1. Booking your cruise TOO late - Book at least 3 - 6 months in advance and pay in full to save up to 15% on your trip. Doing so you'll also get the best choice of stateroom and the biggest discount on your cruise. Remember, cruises are cheaper in the off-season.

    2. Lacking the required passport and documentation - Before you leave make sure you have the correct documents to travel to all the ports during your trip. Imagine having to stay on the ship while everyone else has fun on land.

    3. Choosing a bad place for a stateroom - Some staterooms will seem appealing in price but don't be fooled the following should always be avoided: Rooms just below the disco, next to the elevator, below a gym or restaurant or a lounge. (Unless of course, you like the excessive noise :)

    4. Not making your luggage stand out - The last thing you want is someone else grabbing your luggage because they thought it was their bag. It could be days before they locate your bag with thousands of people onboard a large cruise ship. Tie some brightly colored string or duct tape in a unique way onto your handle that makes it individual and stand out.

    5. Thinking you'll save money in town - Most people think that prices must be cheaper in port because they’re no longer forced to the ship’s prices. Be careful. Many of these merchants are ready for tourists and often sell inferior products at similar prices.

    6. Not looking at the “all included” meals fine print - While food is often included in the cruise price itself, most of the time, alcohol is not. Just understand that you are probably paying for it and drink according to your budget.

    7. Not eating often enough - Did you know that eating 6 smaller meals on a cruise is better than 3 bigger meals? And considering the average person gains 10 pounds on a 7-day cruise, it’s worth gaining some insights into maintaining your weight. Nothing’s worse than coming home from a cruise only to realize you need to lose 20 pounds.

    So there you have it - 7 great ways to get the most out of your cruise.

    About the Author:

    Michael Webb is the author of “How To Lose Weight While Eating Like Royalty On a Cruise”, helping fellow cruisers stay in shape while still feeling like they’re on the vacation of a lifetime. To read more, click here.

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    Hmmm, apologies to Mr. Webb, but this sounds a little bit like the scare tactics we’ve heard bad travel agents use (don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of fantastic travel agents out there!). Stuck on the ship, noisy room, lose your luggage, pay too much, gain weight… I guess it is “good advice” but the writing style just doesn’t click for me. We’ve talked to hundreds of fist-time cruisers during our travels and we’ve rarely heard many complaints.

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    We of cpourse always stay in a suite with a personal attendant.and hospitality room. We never have any noises bothering us. WE always dine at the exclusive dinning offered at an addtional price. Therefore we never have to mingle with lower class patrons. Can you imagine, some even bring their children and allow them to eat with the adults like us. We also brought children when we were young, but always had a full time nanny to attend to them. We made sure they always took their meals on the lido deck so they would not bother the grownups. We suggest becoming a VIP so there is no waiting to board the ship. Also make sure you tip the limo drive well so you can have him or her deal with your leggage there and at the airport.

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