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    Model of Titanic II tested ahead of construction. Would you sail this replica ship?

    A wooden model of the Titanic II was tested earlier this month ahead of the ship's construction in China.

    The 9.3 meter model was put through propulsion and power testing in a 300 meter tank in Hamburg earlier this month. Clive Palmer, who is funding the project, said the tests' results would come back later this year.

    The Hamburg Ship Model Basin facility hosted the naming ceremony of the Titanic II model earlier this month. Mr Palmer first announced his intention to build a replica of the Titanic in 2012.

    The ship is expected to make its maiden voyage in late 2016 from Southampton to New York.

    The vessel will be built to resemble the original ship but upgrades such as air conditioning, a hospital and a helipad are being added, the Telegraph has reported.

    The most crucial update will of course be the number of lifeboats on board.

    Mr Palmer suggested that there will be no televisions or internet access, and said that passengers will be provided with period clothing should they wish to dress up.

    And just like in 1912, there will be three different classes for passengers to choose between. Even the gym and the swimming pool will be almost identical to those on the tragic ship.

    'The model testing by the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA), including resistance and open water tests, is an important part of the process in the Titanic II project,' Mr Palmer said.

    'The Titanic II model was tested by HSVA at speeds of up to 23 knots and this testing is crucial for assessing the speed and power performance of this prototype vessel design.' Mr Palmer, who was estimated to be worth $795 million (£511m) by Forbes magazine in 2012 but has refused to say how much the new ship's construction will cost.

    Among his other projects is an effort to clone a dinosaur to attract guests to a holiday resort near Brisbane.

    Mr Palmer stood in this month's Australian elections after founding his own political party earlier this year.

    By Jennifer Smith, Daily Mail

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    Don't think I would base my decision to cruise the Titanic II on the test of a wooden model. I don't care how test specific their lab thinks they are when testing the wooden model to see how the real ship would withstand the ACTUAL ocean. The sea is a very unpredictable body.

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    I have heard the prices are very high so no, I would not go. Also I don't understand why they would have three class levels as this is so, well 1912. :unsure:

    This thing seems weird to me, like if one of the blimps was renamed the Hindenburg. Even if I could afford it I still wold not go. Just doesn't seem right for some reason.

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    Given acceptable price and destination I'd probably sail on the ship but certainly not based on the tests conducted with the model. An 882 foot long ship with a beam of 92 feet would seem, well, old. Also, if it IS an exact reproduction of the original huge numbers of the amenities that we've come to expect on a ship will be missing.

    How about a bulbous bow to keep the wake down and improve efficiency? No stabilizers? There goes the ride quality.

    I'm sure it's an interesting project but it's not going to produce a ship that modern cruisers would really be interested in sailing on.

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    It seems to be a novelty that history buffs and die-hard Titanic fans can only appreciate, but can it sustain a client base over time? Or will the excitement die down after the first couple of years? I am curious to see.

    As for classes, it doesn't seem so shocking anymore with new era of mega ships and their standard cabins vs. "aqua class".

    I think the cruise would be priced beyond my reach, but It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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    There is no way I would sail on a Ship named after the Titanic, with different class levels and made in CHINA. This sounds like a bad joke. And to pay more to have less with a non-experienced cruise line. NO and no one I've asked has showed any interest either. Quite the opposite.

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