• Child hospitalized for near drowning on Disney Fantasy


    Officials said a 4-year-old boy was pulled from a pool on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship at Port Canaveral Saturday afternoon.

    According to a Disney spokesperson, the ship's medical personnel were called to the pool around 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Port Canaveral police also responded to the near drowning.

    The child was first taken to Cape Canaveral Hospital, but was then airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

    A Disney spokesperson said that the child's family is with him at the hospital.

    The Disney Fantasy's departure from Port Canaveral was delayed r0ughly 45 minutes due to the incident. The ship left for a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean.

    Officials have not released the condition of the child.

    Source: WFTV.com

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    I hope the young boy is OK. This goes directly at what I have been saying about how so many parents cut their kids loose when they board the ships. So many parents think the ship is a playground and think the crew are responsible for babysitting their kids. Where were the parents while this 4 year old child was even NEAR the pool???

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    God so sorry to hear this. It's impossible to say who's at fault as we don't have the facts. Kids can stay down for a surprising amt. of time and recover though this is more prevalent in cold water which I don't think is the case here. My prayers are with them.

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    Very sad – hope he’s okay. Obviously we don’t know what happened in this case but, like Tim said, many times we see parents who are completely on vacation from their parenting responsibilities and oblivious to what their kids are doing.

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