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    37 day back to back to back

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    Wonderful Carnival Fascination

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    "One of my relaxing Cruise!!" Click here to view the cruise review
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    Hi Mer! Have you visited CocoCay with Royal Caribbean? It’ll be interesting to learn what differences, if any, there are. Hello, I have not been there with Carnival yet but will let you know.
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    Alaska by way of Seattle

    Great to hear Dee. Alaska is truly a great destination. I am glad you enjoyed it so.
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    Alaska by way of Seattle

    Glad you had a good time. Less then 60 days for my turn
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    Alaska by way of Seattle

    Glad to hear you had a great cruise, Dee, and that the weather was beautiful. It'll be our turn for Alaska in less than 5 weeks.
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    Beautiful St. Kitts

    If St. Kitts is one of your ports of call contact PEREIRA TOURS for all your island excursions. www.lizpereirastourstore.shutterfly.com
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