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    We still dress for formal night. Karen loves it, and I get to wear my military medals.
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    First topic!

    Hey All, this group cruise is going to be great. Thanks Jan for putting this together!
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    Food on Ships!

    Working on P&O Australia recently I have been promoted to a new position. I have been classified as a "fly on" entertainer now, which means I come on for 1 or 2 cruises at a time to entertain the guests, and then I go home until my next short contract. It is a great position and gives me the ability to have more guest privileges. So I wanted to check out all of the restaurants on board and try the food out. I made a video about it too. FOOD ON SHIPS <- click to watch The take away I get from this is that people are OVERLY critical when it comes to cruise ship food. To me, anything that you get on a ship in the middle of the ocean is going to be great. Maybe I appreciate it more because I used to eat in the crew and staff mess down below and that food would get very, well lets say not the best. So running around to these restaurants and even the ones that you do not have to pay extra money for, they are doing great things and making very tasty dishes. So next time you are on a cruise ship instead of being on the side that complains about every little thing, just enjoy it and look at it from the perspective of how much goes on behind the scenes in making the food for 3000 + people every day.
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    GM Crazies, Just wanted to wish everyone a great week. Not much going on in my neck of the woods. We are having some nice warm weather which is nice. Take care and I will try to post again soon. Blessings from Falina
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    Hi Everyone!

    HI Kelly - Welcome! So nice to see that not only did you join, but you started posting right away - that is awesome! I am another Cruise Addict (as Jason said, we all are on this site, lol,) and another one who came to it late - first cruising for our 25th anniversary. Cruising is always always on my mind - either planning and booking upcoming cruises, or remembering past cruises, or watching the cruise port webcams at sailaway time, to reading cruise magazines...you name it! You are definitely in the right place - even more so, I might add, because this truly is the friendliest cruise board on the web; no judging, no snarky responses, we welcome everyone's opinions and preferences. I have yet to sail on NCL but am finding more people who love their ships so I think DH and I will have to give them a try!! Please keep posting and help us get to know you better. And if you have any questions at all - please don't hesitate to ask - there is a lot of experience on this board.
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    So, Who Still Dresses Up for Formal Night?

    We also still dress for formal nights - no tux, but a black suit for Ed and sparkly wear for me, lol!
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    Packing Procrastination

    Great post, Jan...I can really relate to most of that. I am definitely a procrastinator. Right now, even when I should get to bed, here I sit on the computer, and then instead of going to bed I'll throw a load of clothes in or just anything else...crazy, since I really do need to sleep...LOL The packing list is a great idea...I do that also or would surely forget something, especially since I'm a senior citizen now...LOL I do like to put the clothing in the suitcases at the last minute, but then they don't wrinkle as much...right? LOL So glad David is well and he could go, and you both had a great time.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Jan! I obviously LOVED the Dawn, as it has spawned this addiction! We sailed out of Tampa, and went to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Honduras, and Harvest Caye. We went zip lining high above the jungle canopy in Honduras, visited the Mayan ruins in Cozumel, went exploring on our own (after first finding it was safe to do so) in the small town of Mahahual and ended up at an awesome place called the Krazy Lobster with the best guac I've ever tasted and served to us with our toes in the sand, and lastly spent about an hour in Harvest Caye (our least fav port so far). We had the time of our lives, saw 10 years drop off Hubs and I as we danced under the stars at night and woke up early to just get the most out of every minute, met such wonderful fellow cruisers, laughed more than we had in years, dressing up and going to all the shows(we loved the comedy and married couple ones the best) and eating a ridiculous amount of food (we each gained 10 lbs in that week and took 4 to get it off and wouldn't change a thing!) It was truly a life changing trip, and we just can't believe we waited this long to discover cruising. I'm 51, and my DH is 56, and we feel this is the start of exciting new adventures as empty nesters, entering a new season of our lives!
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    As long as I have a closet full of formal wear that still fits, and Jim can still fit in his tux, we will dress for formal night. There sure is no place around here to wear things like that
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    Yes, driving to port does have its advantages. My husband is a big guy and his sport coat alone will set us over the 50 pound bag weight limit.?
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    We still dress up for formal nights, even on NCL cruises! To each their own. We've been driving to our embarkation ports so packing formal wear is not a problem.
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    Actually, he WAS allowed in the dining room without his sport coat.? Just goes to show how the definition of "dress up night" has changed over the years, right Shari?
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    So, Who Still Dresses Up for Formal Night?

    Surprised to hear they were THAT formal. Wow
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