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  1. Congratulations, Jackie. You are such a great asset to CruiseCrazies. You are always so positive and make very much appreciated contributions. ???
  2. Congratulations, Jan, and thank you for all you do. ???
  3. I'm very thankful to have you in my life, Shari. Hugs, always.
  4. So happy to see you as Member of the Month, Shari. You are a very special person and are much appreciated. You always have something postive to say and are so very helpful. Thank you for being the sweet person that you are. Hugs, Cheryl
  5. Jan, the only thing that's every worked for me is eating less and not focusing on food. My crocheting and knitting is a great tool for keeping my hands busy. You can't eat while you're knitting or crocheting.
  6. Jan, I wish. Although we dance alot, the dancing cannot keep up with the amount of calories consumed, unfortunately. The food is too good for me to deprive myself.
  7. I’ve always tried to knock off a few pounds pre cruise. It’s always a battle. After a 4 day cruise, scale is usually up 5 pounds but if I get back on track I can get half of it off quickly because some of the gain is due to salt
  8. Great review, John. Glad you had a wonderful cruise. Don’t you just love it when you can actually see those “ postcard moments “ in real time?
  9. Hmmm, just a thought. Could we sue the cruise lines for causing a weight gain too? I feel sorry for the guy but like everyone else said, with his previous neuropathy condition, shouldn’t he have been aware of what could happen? And to refuse immediate treatment?? I don’t think he will win his lawsuit but I do feel sorry for him.
  10. Dear Shari, We are on the same wave length about lots of stuff. You know what I mean. LOL.
  11. And if person is awake while in basket, wouldn't the person have a heart attack just from the experience of being airlifted like that???
  12. Wow, must have been A terrifying experience for his family.
  13. I am also so sorry to hear about the stenosis and arthritis, Shari. It does sound like you do have some control over your eating, more than I do. I like to sample everything, which is why we always eat at the buffet. Also, we don't want to be confronted with the bread and butter . We like to go to the buffet, eat and get out quickly. We don't like to sit for long in the dining room. However, on a four day cruise, I do come home at least 4 pounds heavier, although half of it comes off during the week when I resume my usual eating. I think , also, a lot of it is salt and retaining fluids. Wow, Jan, only 2 pounds. Congratulations, that's excellent. I would be thrilled with that.
  14. I really need to do the stairs , rather than elevators. Also, my walking on the Promenade Deck is certainly not as good as going to the gym and working up a sweat. So, now I've got a couple of goals for our next cruise. Thanks for the tips, gymbrat.
  15. Wow, excellent tips. Didn’t realize cruise ships were so accommodating. I can’t picture myself bring the mayo and snacks . I guess if you’re really determined, it’s possible to keep the pounds off but for me, it’s always been a pound up per day. I really do need to try some of these tips. Great article.
  16. Love, love, love the Brothers. Now that would be an awesome cruise. Hmmmmmm.
  17. Love your post, Jan. You echo my thoughts when it’s time to pack. Lol. Anyway, glad hubby is better and got the green light to accompany you. Have a fabulous cruise.
  18. Anyone know why it happened??? Haven’t heard anything on news yet
  19. Wishing everyone at CruiseCrazies a very happy and healthy holiday and 2017.
  20. ice pack.............keys ( to get back into house after cruise is over)
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