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  1. We had wash clothes on the Jul 30, 2011 sailing of the Vision. In fact, everytime we used one for anything, it was replaced right away. We also had towel animals everyday. No chocolates tho. Bibb
  2. Welcome aboard. Always nice to see other cruise lovers.
  3. Welcome aboard. Always nice to see other cruise lovers.
  4. Hi LOVERCL, Although I am an old member of Crazies, this is my first post in a long time so, while it is a "Welcome Aboard" to you, it is almost an introduction for me. We've been on ships from 16,000 tons to 142,000 and really don't care that much about the size just as long as we are on a cruise. Like most others, we were hooked on our first cruise. We've sailed RCCL, Carnival and NCL but prefer RCCL and try to pick cruises to places we've never seen. Again, welcome aboard.
  5. FYI For those of you who knew HUCC on other boards, he lost his battle with cancer last night at 10:30PM. We'll miss him a lot.
  6. JCB, Welcome aboard from Southern Maine. The Explorer is a great ship. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Congratulations. 11,000 posts. That's great.
  8. Always nice to start a reply with a smile. Thanks.
  9. My guess for the final will be Apollo. Right now, the public fan base is widely divided with Apollo, Joey, Ian and Leila leading the pack. As contestants drop off, their votes will shift to someone else and it's really anybody's ball game. Heather could have a good night and be right back in the pack and Billy Ray's Country/Western fans may keep him going for a while. Apollo is cool headed and can focus on the "Gold" and in unbeatabel when he does. Joey is used to dancing in front of large crowds. They are going to be the final two.
  10. Hi. I'm Bibb, and Karen and I live in Kittery, Maine's oldest and southernmost town. We started cruising in 1985 and just completed our 19th cruise back in August. I've been on the board, forever it seems, but don't post very often. It is a great board and a great place for new posters to make friends and discuss cruises and other things.
  11. Happy Birthday Jeff (Youngtimer). I hope you have a great one and many, many more. From the "Old Man",
  12. Hi. I'm Bibb and Karen and I live in Maine's southernmost and oldest town, Kittery. We've done 19 cruises and love land trips to Europe, Hawaii and domestic sites just as well as cruises. Welcome aboard everyone.
  13. Jeff, We had 6 degrees this morning here in Kittery and -8 a week or so ago. The 40s sound pretty warm. We are already seeing higher prices in the fruit/produce departments at the commissary due to California's deep freeze. If you can't stay warm there in S. Florida, then jump on cruise ship and write another "Sea Memory". You know I enjoy reading them.
  14. Jason - Thank you for the card and, in return, we wish you the best for Christmas and all the other Holidays this season. To all the other "Crazies" - Happy Holidays and, with tomorrow being Christmas Day, A Very Merry Christmas. May 2007 shower you with the things you want and cherish the most. A special Season's Greetings to our Troops around the world.
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