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  1. Dawn, Where are you??? Would love to have you back here. Cheryl

  2. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. Sorry about your accident and hope you are feeling better real soon! Dawn
  3. JERICHO!! Jericho is my #1 favorite show, and they took it off the air. Thank goodness for DVDs of both seasons!!
  4. LOVED, LOVED the Monkees!! I didn't have much of a choice, my sister is 6 years older than me and was a teen when the Monkees were very popular. She and I shared a bedroom, meaning I had no choice but to listen to their music and watch their TV show. My sister was totally in love with Davy Jones!! The Monkees did put our great music!!
  5. Absolutely LOVED this! Thanks so much for posting!! Dawn.
  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Our bedroom and master bath is decorated in the "palm tree" motif, so I just love the way you decorated the room; just beautiful!! Enjoy in good health! Dawn.
  7. THANK YOU all so much for the birthday wishes! I don't post very often; busy working and taking care of my mom. But Cruise Crazies is my home page so I check in everyday to see how everyone is doing. For you all to take the time to wish me a happy birthday when I haven't been posting much myself is very kind! Thanks again for the birthday wishes. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks again, Dawn
  8. I just took this picture last weekend over Tampa Bay:
  9. Mine just came today and I went straight to the back to see the ad; it looks fantastic!! I hope Jason got his copy today! Dawn
  10. Our son had lasik eye surgery in December, 2005, right after he turned 18. We knew how much he hated the glasses, so we were more than happy to do this for him. The procedure on both eyes took a total of 8 minutes. He has had no problems at all and has perfect vision! Best of luck; I'm sure you'll do just fine!! Dawn.
  11. Mine came the other day, too. I LOVED the article on when ships are in drydock; very interesting to read about all that goes on! Dawn.
  12. Not much else I can add than what everyone has already said, but I'm so sorry to read you had to find new homes for your lovebirds. Dawn.
  13. I'm so happy to read you got a job!! I hope you like it, and get along well with everyone you work with! Let us know how it goes, okay? Take care. Dawn.
  14. Your home is absolutely lovely! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the photos you have posted as your house was built. Brought back great memories of when we had our house built from the ground up. Thanks so much for posting them. I hope you have many years of good health and happiness in this beautiful home!! Dawn.
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