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  1. That picture they are using makes it seem like this place is secluded. That green space at the right side of the picture is actually a RIU resort. I wonder how they feel having a couple cruise ships docked right outside their windows lol
  2. Dock in Grand Turk as well, at a Carnival built and operated cruise centre.
  3. Yes, it's New Brunswick. The easy way to tell is it's Saint John, while the USVI island is St John.
  4. I wonder why Belize doesn't just finish the port project they started about 6 years ago, about 3 miles from the current tender port. It's right next to the container pier just outside of the city and if you look at it on Google Earth, it's the U-shaped area that projects out into the bay. They used to have a website with drawings for the 2 piers that they were going to put there.
  5. I bit the bullet and booked the air yesterday. I was checking the flights and noticed that it was becoming difficult to get seats all together for the 4 of us. The earlier flight also went up, so I decided to go 90 minutes later for $40pp less. Also for the flight home, the only seats together were comfort economy, for $29 each upgrade, so we have those now too. At least I'll have legroom going home LOL.
  6. I'm probably going to book next week for our January cruise. I only booked the cruise a few weeks ago, and I've been watching the air fares bounce around a bit lately, so I have a good idea of what I'm going to pay. At this point, I'm basically waiting for the next billing cycle on the credit card to come.
  7. I also collect shot glasses from each port and each ship. Funny thing is I don't drink LOL
  8. 1 HAL, 1 RCL 3 Princess 3 Carnival (with the 4th booked)
  9. The old HAL Westerdam, for our honeymoon in 1995. I was just about set to return to HAL this January until I discoverd some Christian revival group had half the ship booked. So we are booked on the Carnival Dream for our 9th cruise.
  10. Too late for the OP, but my understanding is Port Canaveral charges for both the embark and debark days now, at the rate of $15/day. So a 5 day cruise, you pay for the 6 actual days you are there. Kind of a double dipping thing for them, as they get $15 for your car when you leave by 9 or 10 in the morning and then they get another $15 for people who come in the afternoon. If protected from the elements is important, then you'd need to pay the price at the port to be in the garage. If being parked outside is fine, I would park at th Radisson, who charges something like 6 or 7 bucks a day and shuttles there and back (this is for non guests). And as mentioned, they also have parking packages when you stay there as a guest.
  11. The programs don't mean much to me. We are going on the Carnival Dream in January and this will be our 4th cruise with them. We have 5 others on other lines so we like to sample a bit. I'm even considering the new Norwegian ship out of New York. Carnival gives great value with their fares as it is that I'm not worried about getting some perks for loyalty.
  12. This unit sounds like something for deep ports without a pier. Which leaves out most of the Caribbean ports. Belize, Grand Cayman, the private islands etc, the ship can't get close enough to use something like this. Where this could help is ports without enough dock space. Say Grand Turk as one example. The ship pulls in behind one of the other ships already docked, and they roll this thing out so it can reach the pier. It would basically be a temporary "pier extender".
  13. I've seen a ton of "wishy washy" reviews regarding their US sailings. But, they certainly are affordable. I priced out a superior balcony for 4 for just over $2200, which is great. They, like HAL, don't seem to soak you for 3rd and 4th in a cabin, where Carnival and RCI will charge upwards of 70% of the fare the first 2 people pay.
  14. State of disarray here LOL. Guess I'll be the first foreigner to chime in. Ontario Canada here. Have driven to cruises out of Boston and Baltimore, both about 9 hours away. Also have considered cruises from New York (actually the Boston cruise was a New York cruise, moved to Boston right after 9-11).
  15. I'm seriously considering an ocean suite for the Glory in January. I can get that for around 3 grand for the 4 of us. Grand suite looks really nice, but that's another $1400, so I think I'll suffer (if we end up booking that cruise).
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