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  1. Yeah though I walk through the Valley of Death I will Fear no Evil for I am at 50,000 feet and climbing!

  2. I will be going to Disney World this year and some of the rides are on boats and some of the transportation is on Ferries. I'm desperate, can I call those cruises?
  3. The only thing I could get to move was the train.
  4. And as we all know now, the 9 most frightening words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.
  5. I have to go to work during part of Lost so my husband always tapes it for me. Thank goodness for modern technology!
  6. It isn't that I haven't been trying or that Jason has't been trying, but we seem to have some trouble keeping my screenname and password viable. Half the time when I open up CruseCrazies, I get the lock out screen. So I will visit you when I can and when I can't, remember I am thinking of all of you fondly.
  7. Mom is now in a well respected Rehab Center in Dayton, OH. Bethany Lutheran Village. Has been there 6 days today. As of last night, she was doing some walking with her walker and with a physical therapist pushing a wheelchair beind her just in case she got tired. She hasn't gone too far yet but at 81 she is doing really well. She made her frist trip down to the exercise room and everyone seems to be very pleased with Mom and her progress...except Mom of course. "They won't let me get up on my own and go to the john yet, darn". Patience Mom, patience! We all send thanks to those who have sent good thoughts and prayers. Don't stop now, the plan is to get her back into her apartment. She lives by herself and prefers it that way.
  8. Where do you get these, they are great!
  9. Well, we had 3 ½ hours of surgery and 4 ½ hours of recovery and she went to her room in good condition. The following day I was called by my daughter who was ushered out of Mom's room while a crush of Drs. and nurses went in and talked about sending for a crash cart! Beth called me from the floor's waiting room in tears and in the company of one of the hospital's ministry people. By the time I got dressed (I work nights) and arrived, Mom had become aggressive and was swearing at the hospital staff and threatening to sue everyone including myself. This is totally out of character for my mother. Since she was not in any physical danger, I suggested and all were agreeable to having everyone but myself leave the room. I felt she thought she was being ganged up on. After a short while she settled down to just claiming I had her in the hospital to kill her and that the dinner before her I had had them poising and she wasn't going to eat any of it. She also complained that her hand was wet. I checked and the bed linens were indeed wet. It seems that the I. V. containing her pain medications had come out and the pain medications had flowed all over her bed. Once this was corrected and she was getting pain medications she calmed down and returned to the loving gentle patient I knew her to be. Since that time she has had two heart monitors on her and oxygen on through a cannula. She has not been really with us mentally but is doing better. Today, Saturday, Aug. 20th, she is down to one heart monitor and no extra breathing apparatus. She is still not all together in her mind, but at 81 you can't expect that only 4 days after surgery. She does recognize all of us and has stopped referring to my dog by the name of a dog that died 10 years ago. She is complaining about being bored and why can't the TV get her Cincinnati Red Legs baseball team on it. But she did spend 2 hours trying to call her nurse on her pen today. So it comes and goes. I have convinced her she is not allowed to play with the heart monitor cords attached to her chest, or removed the catheter or get out of bed before the nurses says she can. She wanted to know what she could play with and I assured her she could play with her phone (only local calls), her tv and her nurse call button but she had to have a reason to call the nurse not just to see if the button worked. She promised she'd be good.
  10. Tomorrow is the back surgery. Seems Mom's 4th lumbar vertibrae has disolved and the hole through wiich the nerves run has squeezed shut. The surgeon will put screws through a rod and into lumbar vertibrae 3 and 5 and then remove the tissue that has filled the space that used to contain lumbar vertibrae 4 and have it biopcied. He will then open a space for the nerves to continue on down through vertibrae 5. Put a balloon in, fill it with bioplasty creating a fake vertibrae 4 and cement vertibrea 3, 4 and 5 together makeing one long bone. This will take 4 hours. Unfortunately, I will be alone in the waiting room as everyone else has to work (I work 3rd shift and will get off at 6:30 am) the surgery stars at 7:30 am. No, I won't be alone...HE will be with me. Please pray! Joyce Dogladyjw######
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