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    Rita and Keith
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    United States


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    Carnival Sensation
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    The next one!
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    Caribbean - Eastern
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    St Martin
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    Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, and Alaska
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    Carnival Miracle
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    Carnival Fantasy
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    Sea cruises, ballroom dancing, traveling, fishing
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    Oldies, country, ballroom--we like it all!
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    Rita loves the date movies: Notebook, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    I love action movies
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    Rita likes Dancing with the Stars and I sometimes watch.
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    St Louis Cardinal baseball, Indianapolis Colts football and Notre Dame football. IU and Purdue basketball
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    Rita loves Italian and I love chili!
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    Jaxson our mutt
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    For Rita it's Danielle Steel & Nicholas Sparks and I like books on history.
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    Fast dancing is the second best form of exercise and slow dancing leads to the first.
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    Rita is retired, Keith--Metal Fab business

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  1. KeithnRita

    Our cruise tag game reappears again.

    Tender - reservation
  2. KeithnRita

    Packing game

    stilletos - sandals
  3. KeithnRita

    New game in town

    Lecia - flash
  4. KeithnRita

    Packing game

    Hand towel - luggage
  5. KeithnRita

    New game in town

    Squad - car
  6. KeithnRita

    Packing game

    foreign currency.....yellow polka dot bikini
  7. KeithnRita

    New game in town

    duster - feather
  8. KeithnRita

    Which is your favorite ship and why?

    Ours is the Holland America Maasdam. Been on it twice, 15 years apart. We like the small size, only 1250 passengers. The domed pool is nice and they still have dancing in the Ocean Lounge as well as the Crow's Nest. We've also been on sister ships, Veendam and Statendam. Sure wish HAL would move a ship closer to us like to New Orleans or Mobile.
  9. Seven day cruise from Tampa. Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. This is a clone from our April 29, 2018 cruise on the Miracle. After our cruise we will head to our 3 week TS at Siesta Key. We enjoyed the Miracle so much we decided to do this repeat cruise. Attached is some photos from our 2018 cruise on the Miracle:
  10. KeithnRita

    Packing game

    pepto bismol........Lingerie
  11. KeithnRita

    The Daily Dock for June 2018

    Andi, To answer your question from the May DD, we will be sailing to the PC aboard the Carnival Fantasy Sept 17, 2018. It's a 10 day journey cruise.
  12. Hoosier cruisers thinking alike! We have not cruised out of Mobile for a few years. So glad Carnival decided to come back!
  13. We will wave back at you fellow Hoosiers! It's so nice to have RCI back in New Orleans. Enjoy your Christmas cruise and the beignets!
  14. KeithnRita


    Jason, just printed one for our PC cruise.
  15. KeithnRita

    Your First Cruise: Let's Hear About It!

    Our first was on the Carnival Sensation in Sept 1997. W were married in Vegas in Jan of that year so we made our first our honeymoon cruise. Photo is from that cruise with our dining partners. They helped make our cruise extra special. Some we've cruised with on later cruises.

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