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  1. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for wishing me a Happy Birthday. I have another cruise planned for Sept 10 on the Caribbean Princess W. Caribbean. Can't wait to go, this will be my 2nd voyage on her.
  2. Hi, Our next cruise is on the new Caribbean Princess on May 15, 2004. The first cruise for my girlfriend and the 15th cruise for me. :cheesy:
  3. Hi all, I consider myself very fortunate living right down here in South Florida. I get to see lots of cruise ships everytime I pass the port of Miami. I also live real close to Port Everglades and see the cruise ships there too :D Eveytime I see the ships I really long to be on one again. It won't be too long before my next cuise tho, we leave May 15 on the new Caribbean Princess for the Eastern Caribbean, and I can't wait to go.
  4. I've sailed on the Grand Princess 3 times and loved every time. I've been on over 16 cruises on different ships and the Princess line is my favorite. I am sailing on the new Caribbean Princess in May and in Sept the Coral Princess. Princess is "Where I Belong." :D
  5. Hi all from Cruise Crazies, my girlfriend & I are sailing on the new Caribbean Princess on May 15 for the Eastern Caribbean. It will be her first cruise and my 16th. Princess is my favorite line and I have sailed on the Grand 3 times. :D On September 26 hubby & I are leaving from San Francisco to Ft Lauderdale via the Panama Canal for 15 days on the Coral Princess. Any of you out there booked on any of these cruises, if so would sure love to hear from you.....Happy Sailing....Michele :D Norway Majesty of the Seas Soverign of the Seas Golden Dolphin Costa Romantica Century Fascination Zuiderdam Grand
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