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    Love the old classics like "Sound of Music" and "Gone With the Wind" and like to watch romantic comedies (like "Leap Year") and people stories, or human interest. Also like "who dun it's" if they're not full of bad language and senseless violence.
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    Past beloved pets are now all in pet heaven. Miss them all so much.
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    "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain."
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".
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  1. Thank you for the prayers. And, thanks to all of them saying prayers for me. God Bless you to, and all the prayers said for me.
  2. Jim...let me Indrounce me. I'm from Mpls. Minnesota. The land of the cold, and freezing cold. The land of the many lakes when the summer comes. Andi...something not too messy. I'm not too good on trees. But I'm sure you will choose the right tree. I'm not too found of going in an ambulance to the hospital . I'm sure the medicine will help. I hate the cold weather but my grandchildren are all here. Ray...Marc has a snow thing that he rides on. It won't take care of the roof, but it will take care of the land. He does it two extra people too. Jim...I'm hoping your parents are all right. Jan...I hate the cold weather, but my grandchildren are all here. I'm sorry if the spelling is all wrong. Jim...I had a stroke, so I have had to learn all over again. Hi to Miranda & Falina
  3. Jackie...I'm sorry for all you going though. With Yvonne. Had 2 brain surgeries, and have a grand mal seizures. It has to be hard living so far away from them. I'm so sorry. I had a grand mal seizure too after the stroke, there very scary.
  4. Jan and Andi...Sorry about your trees. It's a sad thing to lose your trees. Miranda...you went to the theater. I bet you had lot of fun there. They wrote the whole play, the lyrics, & the music. Wow! Ray...I wish we were next door neighbors, so you two could hang out together. Thank you for saying that. I've been kind of down a little, but you just raised me up. I hope you and Yuki are doing ok. I will pray for you. You are the kindness man I've met. Except for my Marc. LOL Hi to Falina, & Jackie, too
  5. Happy Birthday to Amanda & Kristin. David's playing in the " something rotten" Should be fun. Should be lot of fun. I'm sorry about your back. We are going to church. That's all we are doing today. A half -cord of firewood, that's a lot of firewood.
  6. Happy Halloween. We usually get a lot of kids, but not with our cold weather. Yes, I can get around real good, but the church or other things that last a while, I need help. So the walker helps.
  7. Maybe you never now, the physical therapy might just help. It helped me walk. It helped me walk around the house. I have to use walker for to walk around the church. But, it may help you walk. Maybe...
  8. The Vikings won. I'm sorry for, shellacking. Lol I'm sorry about your bad hip. Maybe the physical therapy might help.
  9. I thank you for welcoming me home. My letters aren't welcoming me home . I have some trouble here. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, and your father. It must have been so exiting to have the children there. I know they aren't children, but I always think they are.
  10. Laurie, is the best of mom's. She takes them to piano, they take them to soccer, she takes them to basketball. She takes them to all the things. They take them to the Twins game. She's wonderful. I better take it slow because I have a headache. All the recipes are making me get a headache. I'm going though some recipes for a long time, it's time for a rest.
  11. Hi Everyone. I'm keeping busy by cleaning out the room, this was Laurie's room. Laurie is taking her daughter to Santa Monica. Avery is very happy. She does this because she wants to take the girls any where they want to go. They even go on cruise sometimes. Actually, the Disney cruise. Laurie is very busy so she has no time for this. She is on vacation. So she takes the girls on vacation. This time she's taking Avery alone. Andi...The Vikings have tied the Lions, so any one can win this one. Hi... to Ray, Miranda, Jan, Cruising cats.
  12. Miranda...It's so nice to see you, too. I said it all wrong. I mean what's what's wrong with Yuki. I hope she is OK. She is such a lovely woman. Somethings wrong with my computer. I can't remember my passwords. My computer won't work. I don't have my e-mails. Marc is not sure what's wrong with it. So I might not see you, unless Marc's computer works. He's having trouble with his computer also. He's watching the game. The Vikings are winning. I hope Yuki or, you are OK
  13. Hi Ray Thank you for all the prayers. Now it looks like you need the prayers. What's wrong
  14. Andi...I was at all those places because I was my time was up. And I didn't want to give up. And Medicare, helped me. Every time my time was up. Medicare helped me, by starting up again. Maybe Marc can explain it better.
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