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  1. Happy 50th to Royal Caribbean! Should be a really fun cruise, with lots of surprises! Haven't been on a ship that size before...it would be great to see it, but a lot of walking. Scooter maybe? 🙂
  2. Sounds like they will have some pretty nice ships (yachts). Ritz Carlton hotels are pretty well known. It's nice to have some smaller ships being made. Not everyone likes to go on the giant ones...thinking, though, that these will be pretty expensive. They should also be able to go to places the big ones can't...that's a plus. Will love to hear more, and see pictures .
  3. Hope the service is extra special to go along with the higher prices...🙂
  4. Shari2


    Happy Sunday, Everyone! A bit chilly today, only at 38 degrees right now. We will stay in the 40s and 50s most of the week, but I see that on Thursday it could reach up to 63, with some sunshine...have to get out of the house that day...LOL Not much going today, just a restful day...made a nice brunch for Marc, and we will just have leftovers from a pot roast dinner on Friday later on...easy day. Miranda...enjoy your nice weather. It can change so quickly. Your Asia cruise sounds wonderful! And on Celebrity, another plus. Great stops/ports/cities. Will love to hear all about it. Ray...so nice that the root canal went well and you don't have any pain now. So wonderful for you to feel normal again. The Hawaiian Wedding song, Yes...it is so wonderful to hear it sung often on the Islands. I just always think of the movie "Blue Hawaii" with Elvis... at the end when he gets married and he sings that song...always loved Elvis so it was special to hear him sing that. Funny...when my mom and I were in Las Vegas years back, we got back to our hotel late one night after seeing a couple of shows, and we went to the bar for a drink...I had to drive around Vegas, so didn't have anything earlier, and we were talking to a nice man next to us...he said he was from Hawaii... I mentioned how much I loved Hawaii, and the music, and especially the Hawaiian Wedding Song, and he told me he had a record album of Hawaiian music upstairs in his room...he insisted on going up to get it for me. So nice of him...didn't even know him and he gave me his own album of Hawaiian music. Nice memories of Hawaii, Las Vegas, and a special time with my beloved mom. Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful week!
  5. Shari2

    Grand PRINCESS Alaska 2019

    Hi Jeanette! Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Congratulations on your coming cruise. I haven't been to Alaska yet. Hubby always tells me it's cold enough here in Minnesota...and enough snow and ice. LOL I have heard people say the weather is wonderful some times in the summer, and Alaska is beautiful! Jan has some great tips for you. Hope you have a wonderful cruise, and you should on Princess. Hope you come back and let us know how you liked it.
  6. Shari2


    Friday, October 12th Hi Everyone...39 degrees right now...on the chilly side. The rains have stopped, and tomorrow looks nice at 54 for a high and partly sunny. Sunday and Monday will only be around 40 for a high...and then go up a bit into the high 40s and then 50s for the weekend. Hope we aren't losing fall. Up North in MN has already had some of the white stuff. Jackie...so glad you are safe there...what a horrible hurricane...feeling bad, and praying for those who were hit so hard. Andie...so nice to spend time with your friend at the casino...not fun to lose, though. Hope the rains have stopped there. Yup, you will need the socks and closed toe shoes now. I hope we don't go right into winter and forget about fall. My favorite seasons are spring and fall. Ray...so sorry you had to go through the two root canals on one tooth, and all the pain. Hope you are doing well now. I just told Marc that this cold is crazy...gives me pain in my teeth. Think it's because I have sinus issues and migraine headaches, and it affects the jaws and teeth. I used some Orajel to ease the pain in that area. Nothing like the pain you get when they are working on your teeth though. Hope all the pain for you will go away now. You need to have fun on your vacation. "Hawaiian Wedding Song"...one of my very favorites. No, I didn't know that Queen Liliuokalani composed the Wedding Song, but did hear that she composed the Aloha Oe! We did hear a bit about the history of Hawaii back in 1974 on our first trip. I am going to watch a movie about Princess Kaiulani from Netflix soon. Not sure where she stood then. It will be interesting to know more about the history of Hawaii. I had dreamt, pretty much since I was young, about going to Hawaii. And always wanted to see a luau and dance to the Hawaiian Wedding Song. We did get to do that...and it was wonderful, except I had the flu then...LOL Only danced with Marc so no one would get my flu...LOL Love Hawaii so much! Would love to hear you sing it. Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a great weekend!
  7. Love the great state of Texas, also.
  8. Loving your pictures, Keith and Rita...I must have missed them before.
  9. Love fettuccini alfredo! Don't know why I didn't order it on a cruise ship.
  10. Hey!...nice to be talking to a former Minnesotan. We are in the N. suburbs of Minneapolis. It is around 2 1/2 to 3 hours to Duluth...we love it up that way. Where, about, are you in Texas?