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  1. Shari2


    Hi Everyone...hope you are all having a good day! Miranda...hope those thunderstorms don't come as badly as last time. Stay safe! I was also wondering what part of the Netherlands that you lived in. Thanks for sharing. Hope the weather doesn't get that bad there. Jackie...good idea to stop and rest for awhile...it's too hard on the back to keep on going, even when we really want to. Sorry that your husband had to go through the surgery and still have troubles. I feel exactly like you. I have known too many people who have gone through the same thing...had surgery and then still had pain and troubles, and then had another surgery, and still not good. Even my neurologist, when I asked about surgery, said, "we hate surgeons." I thought he was kidding, but then thought, "maybe not"...they just know it doesn't always help. Glad that Alberto is behaving so far...hope things don't get worse. Stay safe! Kelly...Congratulations! Grandchildren are the greatest! So very special. And one more coming for you...so wonderful! Also a cruise coming for you...yes...God is Good! So happy for you! Jan...hope your weather isn't too bad there...and hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend. Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend. Off to have my one Mai-Tai. LOL
  2. Shari2


    Hi Everyone...pretty hot today, mostly stayed inside except for church and dinner out...94 today, possible 97 tomorrow, and 95 on Monday... then cool down into the high 80's and possible thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday. Can't believe it was only a few weeks back that we had a winter blizzard...LOL...crazy weather...should still be spring, but hot July-humid type of weather now. Still better than a winter blizzard though...LOL Miranda...so sorry for the bad storms there...so glad you are OK. Sorry about your TV. That lightening can be pretty scary, also driving through deep water. Hope you can get everything fixed ok. So nice of you to give the nice review for Jan. Jan...sorry that you had to postpone your BBQ. We usually have the kids over, and my friend, and my aunt and her friend, but, we just aren't up to it this year. And most of the kids have other things going anyway. We will have a nice weekend to ourselves...watch the Indy 500, and throw a burger, and potatoes in tinfoil on the grill, and a nice mai-tai, and just relax...don't know about sitting on the back porch, though...pretty hot out there...LOL Jackie...hope you all stay safe from the coming storm there...will be keeping everyone in my prayers...sure hope this won't be another hurricane year like the last. So sorry you deal with the Spinal Stenosis, also. Yes the bad discs and sciatica are miserable. Had the sciatica for almost a full year once, years back, off and on, after helping to clean out my dear OCD Uncle's home. Just got it better from the left lower back and leg here recently. I was thinking that, from old posts, you had a bad back, but didn't remember the diagnosis...was thinking that you had back surgery, but that may have been Debbie. I think she had back surgery. Seems like the older we get the worse things get...we all have some things we have to deal with. Be careful with the painting...sounds like a lot of pressure on your back and legs. Andi...totally know what you mean about sleep deprived when you are up late and have to get to work in the morning. I think my bad habit started when I was very young and got a job as waitress on the graveyard shift. 11 to 7 in the morning. Sometimes the next shift wouldn't come and I would have to work another 4 hours or more...so my days and nights got really messed up. Of course, even when I got on other jobs that were daytime, I still stayed up late, like you, till maybe 12 or one in the morning. Think it's just something we get used to. I also do some work late at night...sometimes wash clothes, etc. Have to be quiet though since Marc is usually sleeping. I think you have it right on the cruise ships, going to bed earlier, definitely less stress, and the nice ship rocking us to sleep...LOL Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful holiday weekend.
  3. Land of 10, 000 lakes here...some say even more. We used to go to the lake a lot in the summer and my step dad used to try and get me to water ski...totally afraid of it...I can't even swim...which is strange that I also love the sea so much...LOL This is amazing... skiing behind a cruise ship!
  4. Sounds good...there does seem to be a lot of interest in Cuba. I have a friend who cruised there a short while ago. She really enjoyed it...loved all the 1950's cars.
  5. Wow! Amazing! I was too chicken to even waterski behind a regular size boat!
  6. Shari2


    Thursday, May 24th Hi Everyone...had a quiet day today...need to rest up. except for ironing a few summer shirts. It's getting pretty hot here in the Upper Midwest. Should be in the 90's through the weekend. Glad some of my summer things still fit...LOL Jackie...Nice that all that rain still did something good there. I admire those who do the gardening. not something that I can do. Marc does plant some tomatoes, which we really enjoy. At least I can do the cooking...LOL I'm so very happy for Yvonne, and you and family, that she is doing so well. That's amazing to hear that she may be able to be back to work by August. Thanks be to God! The cane...no problem...I talk about everything, probably too much...LOL I do have spinal stenosis, but also with bad discs, some flattened and some bulging, and also arthritis in the spine, so it's very painful for me to do much, or walk very far, or stand for very long. My MRI also showed some nerves that were not in proper alignment. So if I ever have numbness and tingling that goes all the way from the feet up to the hips again, I need to get right in to the doctor. That's why I have no recent cruises to talk about...yet...I have high hopes. I also have some auto-immune issues, but that's a long list since some come from each other...LOL I have been very blessed with 10 cruises, and I still hope for more, but, I have been blessed with nice travels and wonderful family, so what will be, will be. I'm not giving up though. Once a month at church I get anointed with oil for those who need healing, and I believe that God will heal me, but, it's not at my time, but at HIS. So, although, I live in pain a lot, I am also blessed with some very wonderful days...and faith, and hope. Jan and Kelly and Jackie...looks like I'm the only night owl here...I do really wish I could turn it around and be a morning person, but habits are really bad. One thing different about me is that when I was cruising, I did get to bed earlier, and also got up earlier, not at 6 AM...though...LOL Didn't want to miss the time in ports and all. I still sometimes stayed up to midnight or so, but still much better than I am at home. MaryLou used to tease me that I was going to bed when everyone else was getting up...she was right. Jan...best wishes to you and David on getting healthy...all that work at the gym sounds so hard on the muscles and back...but I know that even the PT's I have seen, and the small workouts I have done have helped. Best one ever for me was working out in a warm pool with a therapist. It seemed easier to do, but did have soreness after. We sure do need to get moving, I know. I had to stop on my recumbent for awhile, but will be getting back on soon. Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful holiday weekend!
  7. This looks and sounds like a great family ship...fun ship with the slides and race track. I'm sure that I would like the Waterfront, boardwalk like area, where you can eat and enjoy the sea. I was only on Norwegian once, back a few years on the "Norway." They did really have great entertainment back then.
  8. Wow! Not your usual look for a cruise ship! Interesting!

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