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    Hawaii; Panama Canal; Eastern Caribbean; Western Caribbean; Mexico
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    Spending time with my family; Reading, Cooking, Internet use, Cruising.
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    Oldies, Country, Classical, Pop, Just about everything except Rap and Heavy Metal
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    Love the old classics like "Sound of Music" and "Gone With the Wind" and like to watch romantic comedies (like "Leap Year") and people stories, or human interest. Also like "who dun it's" if they're not full of bad language and senseless violence.
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    "Dancing With the Stars" "The Voice" American Idol" "General Hospital" "Nashville" "Dallas." and "Castle."
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    Football... but can enjoy most anything if I'm rooting for someone.
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    Past beloved pets are now all in pet heaven. Miss them all so much.
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    Love autobiographies and inspirational books...also like to read bible prophecy...political, health books, and many other things.
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    My two favorite:
    "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain."
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".
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    Retired, and loving it!

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  1. Hi! I want to thank you for the cards. I can`t talk. Just want to tell you I,m alright . Just want to I`m staying with husband who has been wonderful through this whole thing.
  2. To ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful, and Blessed, and Merry Christmas! Stay safe if you're traveling!
  3. Sunday, December 23rd Hi Everyone...had a rough morning yesterday, but a nice evening when we got to my brother's. It was so nice to see everyone, and it wasn't long till we were all laughing and reminiscing, and having fun. Love my family! I am so blessed. Jan...thank you for the nice comments. Hope you and David and family have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas. Miranda...what fun to be at two dances in one week. So glad you had fun. Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and family. Ray...was starting to get worried about you, but I know this is the busiest time of the year for you. So nice that Kevin and Grace will be coming to spend Christmas with you and Yuki. So kind of you to look after the elderly who are often left alone on the Holidays. So great that the bathrooms are all done. Wishing a very Merry and Blessed Christmas for you and Yuki and family. Jackie...thank you for the nice comments...love the chicken marsala...that would have been my choice at the party...Yumm! Hoping for a Merry and Blessed Christmas for you and Tony, and family. Andi...thank you for the nice comments. I guess I am guilty of all of those that you mentioned, stress, lack of sleep, not eating as well as I should. Good thoughts and takes my mind off of more serious things...although I will have things checked out after Christmas...have another test to take that I have been trying to forget about...time to man up...or woman up...LOL Have a wonderful and Blessed Merry Christmas to you and Ed and family! Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a wonderful Christmas!
  4. Hi Everyone...another busy day...got to the store and came home and made the cookies...having these crazy migraines again...guess they never stop. Today I got two auras...had to wait to drive earlier, and now can't see for long on the computer...best thing to do is go to bed, I think...put the ice pack and heat pack on my back and spine yesterday and that helped some along with 1000 MG of Tylenol. Can't take the heavy duty meds. Have to go to my brother's tomorrow so will be off for awhile...may have a couple of hours on Sunday...I hope. Hi to ALL Cruise Crazies...hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
  5. Shari2

    Packing game

    Skort-tea bags-to bring in the room or for the hot water at the coffee pots
  6. Hi Lady K, Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Wish I were going to be on the Carnival Breeze with you. I've heard it's a nice ship from friends who sailed on her. Hope you have a wonderful time and come back and tell us all about your cruise, maybe write a review...we would love to hear all about it. Have Fun!
  7. Hi Everyone...well...I did it again...lost my post so will just say hi tonight. Spent all day doing presents and other things and am in lots of pain...icing my spine now and will put heat on later on tonight. Hoping things will be better tomorrow...want to make some last minute cookies, and still have lots to do. Hope it's going well for you all. Andi, thanks for the birthday wishes...I did have my share of cake...LOL Marc has diabetes, but he has his meds, and insulin, so he still has some sweets and pasta once in awhile. He has mostly read the book about wheat being bad for us. Thank you to everyone for the nice birthday wishes. Another year older...YIKES! LOL Have to go...Hi to ALL Cruise Crazies...have a wonderful few days leading up to Christmas...don't go crazy like me...haha
  8. Jackie...what a Bummer! I very much dislike it when we find something that would be just right for us and then we can't get it. Just looked at some boots that are really nice and would work great for me, and then they are out of them now. Not the same as booking a nice cruise I know, but still not happy...LOL
  9. Shari2

    Packing game

    Styling Gel-lotions...for bath, face, etc
  10. December 18th Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Jan, Miranda, and Jackie! Jackie...happy birthday to Luc also...can't believe he's 10 already...I remember back when he was born...time is really going fast. Your new cruise sounds wonderful! I think you will love it if you decide on that one. Seems like our Crazies stopped at a couple of these ports on one of the Crazies' cruise.
  11. Shari2

    Packing game

    Excedrin-needles for emergency sewing---always bring a tiny sewing kit
  12. Hi Everyone...got to the store today, and my body sure feels it...LOL So much to do I don't even want to think about my birthday tomorrow. My step-daughter is coming over...she's a sweetie. Don't want to know that I'm going to be 71...Yikes! where has the time gone...LOL I remember those days when I was so much younger, and slimmer...haha, and could dance up a storm...hated when the band quit...LOL Have to keep this short again...still so much to do and I'm up all night again. Jackie...so nice that it warmed back up for you. the Herb Basket sounds like a nice idea for someone who loves to cook. It has warmed up here a bit for MN also...mostly in the 30s, but hit over 40 on Sunday. YEA! Miranda...always so nice to have snow for Christmas, if it's still drivable, but nice, too, when it melts after Christmas. Thanks for the nice comments. Hope you had a nice time at your dance party and the office party. Sounds like so much fun! Andi...I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend's husband...I will keep her and family in my prayers. That was so nice that you were able to visit with her and give her comfort...also so glad you made it home ok in the fog...so scary. Jan...congratulations again for winning December and for all you do here to make this a great place to come to for everyone. The lasagna is perfect for Christmas Eve...I have done that also, but Marc is not eating much pasta anymore and I sure miss the lasagna. He does watch his blood sugar, Diabetes, but he can have pasta once in awhile so he just might get some pasta too, for this Christmas...haha. Your Christmas Day dinner sounds a lot like ours also...all yummy! I am going to make my own dish to bring to my brothers on Saturday, and have decided to have ham and scalloped potatoes with cheese and a few other things on Christmas Day...maybe order a dish also, making it easy. I did get some nice Christmas bags and had some saved from last year, so can now get on with doing the presents. It is nice to be able to save and reuse them...only need to put on a different name...easy-peasy! Hi to ALL Cruise Crazies...have a great week!
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