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    "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain."
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".
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  1. Shari2

    Riley, Welcome to CruiseCrazies!

  2. Shari2


    Monday, August 20th Hi Everyone...had a large burst of rain today, but it didn't last long...may have some more tonight. Having the carpets cleaned tomorrow so hope it all goes well. Not much else going on here...just trying to keep up with things around the house. Andi...it sounds like the concert was great... except for the accidents. I do love a good soprano. The accidents...that is so horrible. I hope the young boy will make it; so very sad. The car in flames, I hope people got out...so horrible. We don't have tollways here, although it was thought of at one time. I would rather not have them, but others think it would be good. We drove them many times on travels to the East Coast. It did seem a little harder for us to get off to find a bathroom or restaurant, but that was years back so things may be different now. So very sad about the terrible accidents. There are some storms around MN today, but they have missed us except for one heavy rainfall for just a few minutes. I hope all works out with Comcast for you, and hope you can get it all done before you leave. Sleeping late, and Sunday brunch...yup...love Sundays! We do go to church Saturday Eve, so we can do this...LOL Hope all goes well with your packing and getting ready to leave...hope the rain doesn't stop Comcast from doing the job! Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a great week!
  3. Larry, yes...I read that they speak German on these ships and cater to Europeans who mostly speak German. Yes...this should reduce operating costs; not too likely it will reduce the cost of cruising for the guests. Maybe...? Sounds like a lot of other cruise lines are thinking of going this way. Hope it all works out for the best.
  4. Shari2

    Packing game

    Ecru Lace Top-pen or pencil
  5. Shari2


    Hi Everyone...kind of a gloomy day today...maybe we will get some rain....possibly some scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. Do hope it clears for Tuesday since we will have our carpet guy coming to clean the carpets. Today it's just another quiet Sunday...Love Sundays! Usually make a nice brunch and then can just make a light supper. Can usually sleep late since it's quiet and no phone calls coming in till later on. Todd...agree...hoping that Jan, Miranda, and Andi, all have wonderful and safe cruises. Sometimes it's nice to have a nice quiet day home all alone. How are the cats doing? How is your little niece doing? Hope you see some sunshine soon. It would be nice to have more group cruises, but you are right that it is hard to get everyone together at the same time...and especially when we have so many who have been so many places, and on so many ships... and then the timing is hard since some are still working, or only have so much time. Even harder than putting together a family reunion...LOL Thanks on doing the search for "Ocean and Cruise News." I hadn't thought about it for a long time. Hadn't heard anything about it, or from them, so thought that they probably didn't exist anymore. Cruising...I used to always make a list since I would probably forget something. One time I actually forgot some of the make-up that I like and had to buy something different on the ship...hard to do for me since I have so many allergies. Definitely have to remember the important things...LOL The end of summer sounds sad to me, but then again, I love Fall...so hope it will be a beautiful, and perfect- weather one. The sadness comes since winter gets so cold here, and dark so early, and lots of snow. It can be so beautiful here in the winter also, but the cold does get to you. Does it get much colder in the Philippines for winter? Have a great day! Hi to ALL CruiseCrazies...have a great day, and following week!
  6. Well...got a long talk with hubby and he says this is not about the Pod systems, and it is a natural gas and the combination is natural gas and diesel fuel. I'm probably getting this all wrong since my mind is not at the mechanical, engineering state...LOL He does say that there could be a safety danger of gas leak if there could be human error or equipment failure...hoping that they have taken extra care for all of that. OK, hope I'm getting this right. And I'm sure they have all thought of all of that since they are experts. It should be good for cleaner air. Any other thoughts on this?
  7. I'm not familiar with the LNG power systems... will have to check with my hubby who knows about those things. Wondering if that will help the problems they had a few years back with the pod systems. If it is a better system that will be great since many ships had issues that spoiled people's cruises, and cost the companies a lot to fix the problems. It may not have anything to do with the pod systems, but it sounds good. Gonna ask my husband about it...LOL
  8. Shari2

    Packing game

    Necklace-exercise rope...the stretch kind you get at the PT for arms and shoulders.
  9. Shari2


    Hi Andi...glad you finally got some rain. The concert sounds wonderful! I remember when we were in the Ozarks we saw a wonderful outside concert, and the weather was so beautiful...the perfect outdoor concert and no mosquitos. So nice that you have the 5-concert package. So exciting to be getting ready for the first river cruise. Our neighbors have taken a couple of them and loved them. I haven't heard anything about the Ocean Cruise News for a long time. Think I will also look them up online and see if they still exist. Back when we didn't have the internet to find things it was so nice to have the different magazines, and all that information on cruises, etc. Like Cruise Travel, it would also pick out one particular ship to go over and give all the information, like tonnage, and year built, last refurbished, classification, amenities, casino, etc. Gave lots of info on other lines also. Hope you do get some more nice rain...we could use some more also. Have fun packing!
  10. Shari2

    Lost in translation moments.

    Great story, Larry. I would have done the same thing, but probably kept my head down a bit...LOL
  11. Shari2

    Live from NCL Dawn - Boston to Bermuda

    Bon Voyage, Jan! What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing!
  12. This should be great for the New England/Canada cruises!