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  1. Thinking of booking Serenade in Oct. 2015, so really enjoyed your pictures. Wonderful to see someone having so much fun! Cheers! Sunni
  2. We couldn't make that choice so stayed on Oahu for a week, did a week on Pride of Hawaii and finished with eight days on Oahu. Will probably repeat next time around! Cheers!
  3. My Deepest sympathies on your loss....peace be with you
  4. HEY, LOOK ME OVER! The dining room staff has done this one many times for dinner entertainment. Cheers! (and anything reggae!)
  5. April -- Sounds like a fabulous outing to me! Cheers!
  6. I am sooo enjoying this, found myself feeling the sun & breeze and wiggling in my chair to "hot, hot, hot! :grin: !!! Cheers!
  7. Sunni

    I'm back

    Welcome Home! Looking forward to your review. Cheers!
  8. Yetta -- Alice in Wonderland
  9. Hi All, tho I don't post often love this site, kudos to Jason! My DH and I reside in Northern Virginia (I'm a transplant, he's a native). Two "grown" children, daughter, (27) in North Carolina, son (23) with no apparent plans to empty our nest! But that's okay too, have a built in house sitter whenever we travel. Our first cruise was in 2000. We are now both retired (I just joined him) and hope to do even more travelling, we did Bermuda in July and have the Caribbean Princess in November. Cheers!
  10. July 2000, the Baltics, onboard the Splendour of the Seas, which still holds a special place in my heart! Cheers!
  11. Wishing you calm seas and and a wonderful voyage! Cheers!
  12. I haven't been fortunate enough to visit enough islands to ever be able to guess, but I LOVE this game! :grin: (This does look like Charlotte Amalie tho) Cheers!
  13. Guess I am the odd person out but I really don't like the auto tipping. A few cruises ago we inquired about it at the purser but it was so restrictive (it was all or nothing) we opted no. The purser suggested just getting cash on our sign and sail card at the casino. Perfect solution, we don't have to carry any extra cash and it goes right onto our RCI credit card for extra points! And we are in the casino occassionally! :grin: Cheers!
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