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  1. Hope all of you Northerners are safe.

    1. rogue


      We survived with very little damage. Thanks

    2. sailingrose


      Excelllent Howard!

  2. We have our 1st Grandchild! Jocelyn Eva!

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    2. KeithnRita


      Congratulations Rose and Howie!

    3. Shari2


      Congratulations, Rose and family!

    4. DebbieandJerry


      Congratulations. Can't wait to see pictures

  3. Stay warm all! Here comes the cold blast again in Florida!

  4. BBBBRRRRR! Baby it's cold in Florida!

  5. More shopping...........

  6. Tired of shopping already!

    1. cruisingcats


      I haven't even started yet.

  7. Happy Birthday Tim!!!!! Hope you have a great day!

  8. Thanks Howard! See I got another STATUE!!!! LOL

  9. Hi Jeff! Happy New Year. Nice to see you posting

  10. Welcome to Crazies John!

  11. Have a good weekend too! Say hi to Rita for me........almost time to start packing!

  12. Welcome aboard Nancy! Looking forward to getting to know you

  13. Happy Birthday John!

  14. Hi Lindasue, thanks for the compliments on my picutures. We always have fun no matter what, that's what makes cruising the best for us. My music choice are the 3 songs that make me want to get on a ship......I always play them right before we sail, puts in in the mood.

  15. Welcome aboard Sammy!

  16. Happy Birthday LindaSue!!!!!!

  17. Welcome aboard! Glad you joined us.

  18. Welcome aboard Ray! Glad you jumped in and joined us.

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