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  1. THIS happened to us on the Celebrity Zenith on a Panama Canal cruise a few years back...We were in the dining room...all the china flew off the tables, all the food in the kitchen hit the floor, the pools emptied out and peoples cam corders were floating by. The CREW actually left their cabins with their life vests. We were having a normal lunch in the main dining room and all of a sudden we keept seeing sky and then more sky............ Of course, the cruise ships glossed this and said it was a life boat drill.......But we saw no lifeboat- nothing =nada. One woman broke here arm in those sliding glass doors that open by themselves. We were petrified and it took me about a year to go back on a cruise ship.
  2. have you ever taken a HAL cruise and done a rear balcony cabin... Specifically 7131....Were there lounge chairs on it or did you have to tip cabin steward to bring one down??? Thinking about this one.... Help===it's that or a cabin on Navigation deck.. A
  3. Joey and David- Did you book your tour thru the cruise line or another service? Do tell? Thanks Andy
  4. OK Gogetter-- If you are an expert on HAL --need help on cabin selection on the Zuiderdam.... Have a choice of 8036 on the Navigation deck under a storage closet on the Lido deck...but is the most midship I could find... Or 7131 which is rear of ship... I was told by HAL that 7131 has 139 sq ft balcony but it does NOT have any lounge chairs on it...Have you been in this aft cabin and what is your take on it???? We will be going during season and wanted the least motion and best cabin....I know the aft has a long walk to everything...but is it really good...Price is NOT the deterrant as these are the same price... Thanks and answer ASAP.... A
  5. What happens if a hurricane is planning to hit Ft Lauderdale and you are scheduled to depart on a cruise that day??? Do you get a refund ( if you did not get trip cxl insur.) or what?? We want to go in OCT and are worried about hurricanes... :undecided:
  6. :smiley: Looking to see if others are sailing with us.. We have never taken HAL yet and are really up for this... But we have been on numerous cruises on RCCL,Celebrity,Princess and Windstar.... Anyone joining us???? A
  7. :huh: We want to go sailing when we land in Tortola and wondered if anyone has used a specific group ---would like to get a group together of about 8 people.... We will be on the Zuiderdam Oct.15 sailing... PLEASE advise if you know of a GREAT sailing firm or a TERRIFIC Guide to the island... Thanks! A
  8. :wink: Anyone going on this cruise with us? I know it is Spring Break, but wondered if there were any other couples travelling on this ship with us, sans kids?
  9. Celebrity SUMMIT-10 day Southern Carib APRIL 16 and HAL Oosterdam -Alaska- Out of Seattle July 3~~ Anyone wanna join us!! Andy
  10. We will be on HAL Oosterdam out of Seattle to Alaska on July 3-10,2003 and just wanted to link up with other cruisers going on this same ship.... Anyone going???? Andy
  11. We LOVED personal choice dining on Princess on the GOLDEN in Dec.2003.. Here is how it works and YES, you CAN get the SAME waiters each nite... On the first day , you call down to the restaurant ( DEFINITELY THE DONATELLO) and request a reservation time ( we always did 8 pm) ON the first nite , it is a little crazy and you may have to wait about 10 min to get seated..THIS is the only nite that this happens... IF you like your waiter that nite, GET their NAME and TABLE NUMBER and WRITE it down... The NEXT AM-call down to the DONATELLO dining room and request that WAITER and TABLE....and the time you want to dine... WE DID THIS for the entire cruise and had the SAME waiter and busboy the entire time...except for when we went to dine at the Desert Rose ( it was wonderful)and at Sabbatinos ( it was horrid and the service was the pitts for the "fine dining experience)... We LOVED the Personal Choice dining.... IF you want to try traditional dining to see how your table mates are, GO to it the first nite and then you CAN do personal choice the rest of the nites --All you have to do is call down to the Donatello dining room the DAY you want to do personal choice and request a table....MAKE sure you CALL around 8-9am so you can get your dining time... Hope this helps Andy
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