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  3. Spite. I am sure his now wife( or should I say soon to be) will take her spot beside him in a cementary so why not let Terri go to her side of the family? It is so sad, but it is also over.
  4. I think there is a fair amount of difference. I would not have said so before, but on our last cruise we had a far forward cabin on the top deck ( Golden Princess, Lido deck) and yes I felt the movement was stronger then it was lower and midship( like when we were in the dining room) . I will be more careful to book a lower midship cabin next time, admittely we did have 2 days of rough seas, so if weather is fine it most likely is not an issur( I had never really cared about cabin location on previous 3 cruises) but the truth is you can never count of the weather, so if prone to seasickness I would take your TA's advise.
  5. Some time has passed now, and finally Terri is at peace, but, I do think more along the lines of Shari , I do not believe that Terri was in fact given all the treatment and/or therapy she should have . I do think it was wrong to kill her. I do think it was killing, remember, Terri was NOT on life support. She was not totally brain dead. Her heart beat all by itself, and she breathed all by herself. They had to starve her to death. There are thousands of old folks in nursing homes that cannot feed themselves either, how would you feel if staff just stopped feeding them? What is done is done, but I am very sorry for her family.
  6. I could give the " polictically correct" answer, which is " everyone should just do what they want and what they are comfortable with" , but that wouldn't be the truth.( for me) I think thongs belong on a beach, preferably an adult orientated beach. I think that if one wears a thong they are doing one of two things( or both) . a) showing off their bottom. b) trying to get a good tan. a) is too vain for me. I don't want to see your size 3 a*s, and I don't care how hard you've worked out to get that. b) I do understand, but then I would assume if one was wearing such a suit for that particular purpose only, then one could throw on a wrap or towel if one walks across the pool deck to get a drink etc. in which case I could care less what they are wearing while actually lieing down on a lounge. In this day and age it seems so hard to have any sort of values.You get called uptight or mean, but, I just don't care, wearing a thong can be a form of exhibitionism as far as I am concerned, your bottom is NAKED in public for goodness sake. Goodness sake , some people don't mind thongs , but just try and breastfeed in public and they are freaked out they might see an inch of breast! Breastfeeding does not bother me at all, thongs do. Go figure.
  7. fascot, I so agree with you. Here in Canada it is different in each province, where we live in BC the drinking age is 19, it is 18 in Alberta. I think it is wierd that the US sends 18 yr olds to war yet doesn't think they are responsible enought to drink. As far as I know the US does not have a better record regarding drinking and driving or alcohol related deaths for their youth, then any of the other countries with drinking ages of 18 or 19. Teaching personal responsibity has little to do with age and alot to do with a parents and societies willingness to do the work! PS Beer and wine are just as bad as hard liqour so that is really a silly rule, if I was an 18 yr old girl I'd want to order a nice drink with an umbrella in it! Beer and wine are the same amount of alcohol drink for drink as hard liqour so I don't quite get the reasoning.
  8. Well personally we loved GC, so I can understand being bummed, but as pointed out there are some good things about Costa Maya, so I would research it and then just go and have fun!
  9. I can not stand reading these posts , I so badly want to go again. I can't pick one favorite time. I love the afternoons , just lieing on the beach somewhere or by the pool having a chocolate banana. I love creeping out onto the balcony in the middle of the night and watching the moon on the ocean. I love the late afternoon drinks on our balcony. I love everything, I want to goooooooooooo!!!!!!
  10. For us, cruising is all about relaxing, we have three kids( which we only borught once when they were littl and we only had the two first ones) and we just thought, no more, we need one week to ourselves every coulple of years to just relax. We vacation by camping( we had a motorhome for years now we rent trailers and cabins) with the kids, and we also have taken seperate trips overseas to visit friends. But... cruising, that is sheer relaxing by the pool or beach us time.
  11. Not surprising, keep in mind that Conde Naste mag is not about budget travel so most of their readers are going on the luxury lines to begin with.
  12. Do not know about Carnival, but I know on Princess you can bring wine onboard no problem. We also ordered from room service a bottle( 26 er) of rum for 20$, and bought a six pack of diet coke in the first port . Drinks on our balcony every night. Plus on Princess each room has a fridge( an empty one, not a mini bar!) and the room steward refilled our ice bucket everyafternoon without us asking!
  13. Hi Jason I have the same problem, there is an ad in the way and it won't move!!! My favorites window is not open. help.
  14. Hi I can't get a push pin on the map, what do I do?
  15. Our first two cruises we had traditional seating so we chose to sit at larger tables. Our last two cruises we have chosen Personal Choice dining( which we love) and have enjoyed the flexibily of choosing a large table most nights, except one night I was seasick, and we could just dine as a couple( didn't think I'd make it through dinner, but it was formal night so I was going to die trying!) :wink:
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