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  1. Thanks.....no cruising for us........i'll just keep watch over the forums...lol
  2. Hello CruiseCrazies....... Have not been around in a while. My wife was sick and in the hospital around Christmas time. of 2015. Last cruise was 2014 an 8 nighter out of Port Canaveral. Did the Southern route....Aruba and Curaco were wonderful. My wife got some nice silver jewelry in Turks and Caicos. Anyways...just wanted to drop back in and say hello and wish everyone well for the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hello, Just curious what they charge for prepaid gratuities pp per day? Specifically Paradise from Tampa 5 nighter....2 people in one cabin and 3 in another... Thank you fine people....
  4. No it isnt worth it. I'll just do my usual, go to the pool have a drink or many...buy some food and just use the pool. Thanks WCT!
  5. Hello, Thinking of an 8 night cruise from FLL. One stop is St Kitts. Anyone know if the Marriott there offers a day pass type of thing or do i just pull off my usual routine and just walk in as if i own the place? Thanks peeps...and have a great day!
  6. Not sure of the next cruise. Possible 3 nighter from PC. This was a last minute deal, suppose to be a celebration of a new job but somehow that fell through at the last minute, so i said screw it and drown my sorrows....lol.....
  7. "Great time for me" Click here to view the cruise review
  8. Thank you all. It will be an amazing time. As you all know, the closer it gets the more excited i become..........
  9. So last minute booking aboard Carnival Liberty doing an 8 night cruise to 3 ports we have never been to. Booked the pack and go special and will tell you we got an OV with prepaid gratuities for $1322. Sweet deal. Cabin got assigned OV aft...uuuggghhh...wife has trouble walking...so i call and call...keep getting NO for an answer.......about changing, upgrading whatever because it was set. Finally call PVP, he worked a miracle and got it changed for me......... If allowed i would like to leave his name and extension...... Marc Barnet at Carnival ext 85103. This guy is amazing........ If this is not acceptable feel free to delete however the guy is amazing...give him a try...tell him Ron sent you.... Thank you
  10. WOW pretty cool after all these years....... Anyways, quite honestly, isn't it ironic that some people may like one port while others don't like it? Talking about armed guards I saw them in Belize too. We did a catamaran in Ocho Rios and had the most memorable time ever, I can still see it now! Cozumel was awesome to me and countless fun times in Grand Cayman. I truly enjoy Nassau. Don't go to Atlantis, I go the other way to Cable beach and have never been disappointed. The 10a bus was fun and the yellowbird was fun in my younger days! ST Lucia and St Kitts were good for us. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
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