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  1. Is that the one with the snuba kind of thing?
  2. I can not believe how quickly the time is flying by sailing April 16 out of Port Evergladeson Navigator of the Seas !!!!
  3. We love animals,seafood and beaches. He likes ziplines!
  4. Likely to create more problems - some people tend to drink more when there are no financial limits. Will be interesting to see how it goes
  5. Very sad but I fail to seehow anyone can "fall" from a balcony....unless it was intentional or alcohol was involved. I have to agree with Minkster1973 - another shark out for big bucks!
  6. Kids shouldn't need lifeguards - they need parents. So very sad.
  7. We are having an amazing Indian Summer. I have snapdragons blooming and I don't remember planting any lol. Haven't cruised in a while - but heading to eastern Caribbean in April :o)
  8. Progresso - nothing there. We did a city bus tour that took 15 minutes tops. And most stores, hotels and banks had armed military looking guards at the doors.
  9. hazelson


    Jan - we did that tour a couple of years ago. It was amazing. DH actually got pics of the barnacles on the whales tails. The windows of the boat lift up so there is nothing in the way of your lens. Have fun.
  10. I really enjoy hearing complaints from parents having to tip for their children because their kids are so special it was a treat for the staff ... especially when they ran around the dining room :o)
  11. OKAY - Woozies in full force today - and - just to add to the charm - a cabbage sized cold sore on my nose. Pleasingly Plump (thanks Ray), dizzy, sore nose, no appetite (should help the pleasingly plump some). Guess I wore the patch too long but it works so well!!! Catch you all when the room stops spinning :o) But the laundry is all done!!! So it's off to the deck - chaise lounge, iced tea and bonine! To sleep - perchance to dream. Hey - I wax poetic when I feel like I have had a glass or two of wine lol. Cannot believe our weather - in the 80's again today!
  12. We are back! I'm fat! And loaded down with cheap, gaudy crap (aka a Red Hatters perfect swag lol)! Totally rested! 100% satisfied!
  13. What more can I say - from the time we boarded in Vancouver (which took about 20 minutes) until we were dropped off at the Anchorage airport it was all incredibly done. The cruisetour was so well planned and we saw so much in a relatively short time. On shore our bags appeared magically in our rooms at each site ..... and the train ride was amazing. Am I gushing or what. The Coral Princess (our second time on her to Alaska) had us totally relaxed the whole time. And all that fabulous $10 bling - I'll be Red Hatting in style now for sure - and (I almost blush to mention this) another red hat to add to the collection :o) Review tomorrow - if I get over my landsickness - and I'll try to think of anything that went wrong or didn't measure up to my expectations lol.
  14. Wrong idea all around. Drinking is enough of a problem - now they have a goal!!!! Not wise thinking!
  15. Cheryl - all part of getting older but when you hit my age - if you can't remember it ..... it can't be that important LOL So long as my clothes are clean, my shoes match and I don't get confused as to which is the eye shadow and which is the lip gloss again - I figure it's all good!!!
  16. Ray - I've had those "days" - I generally just hide under the covers and watch Storage Wars - I have become a Weiss groopie :o)
  17. Yesterday was a perfect day - we went whale watching and they were out in full force - what a treat. As the tour office was in a swanky hotel - we decided to have a bite to eat on the patio - glorious day. Oysters grilled with parmesan - yummy - followed by fish and chips - salmon - wonderful.
  18. Rain - yeah - the girls and I wet out to dance in it - me in my sexy lingerie (read ratty t shirt and sweat pants) and the girls in their fur coats. Once they decided there were no treats involved the girls went inside to stare at me out the window. But I danced like no one was watching :o) stumbled barefoot into a rather viscous pile of poop (dogs not mine). I hopped inside to avoid stinking up the broadloom - made it to the bathroom - now I have one clean foot! - how I love the smell of wet hounds in the morning!
  19. You just can't fix stupid. I e - mailed a local company that does one day coastal tours. I said I would like to book for the 13, 14 or 15th - on their website they suggest you check their calendar - which shows all three dates as being available) They e-mailed back - we can book you in for Friday, the 30th. Do people just not read????? I am almost ready to respond lol.
  20. ...... it's 90 in the living room right now - and its the coolest room downstairs. The girls (dogs) and I are enjoying the ac in the bedroom and my asthma has kicked in major so we are all puffing with our tongues hanging out. Now for all you dirty minds out there - shame on you ;o)
  21. I am lying on the bed ..... all hot and sweaty and out of breath!!!!!
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