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    hazelson reacted to DebbieandJerry in pre cruise hotel Lauderdale by the sea   
    This was a number of years ago, but we stayed at the Sea Side motel and found it to be perfectly fine. Not too expensive. Not a dive. Right across from the beach. Walking distance to stores.
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    hazelson got a reaction from Jan115 in Juneau   
    Jan - we did that tour a couple of years ago. It was amazing. DH actually got pics of the barnacles on the whales tails.
    The windows of the boat lift up so there is nothing in the way of your lens.
    Have fun.
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    hazelson got a reaction from Gymbrat333 in JUST BOOKED CRUISE ON CARNIVAL LIBERTY   
    Have a great time!!!!
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    hazelson got a reaction from waf125 in Daily Dock for MAY 2012   
    Hello kids!
    Thanks to a brochure from Princess cruise lines I am now back in the land of the living!!!
    And it's a short wait this time - we leave out of Vancouver on Sept. 3 :o)
    I am excited to see Denali, Mt. McKinley and Anchorage - all new to me.
    I'm still on meds for my various inept body parts - but now I am a happy druggie LOL
    And, knowing me, I will be obsessing about my clothing choices for the nex three months :o)
    Nice to be back with some good news for a change.
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    hazelson got a reaction from rogue in Packing   
    I watched a video on you tube the other day - and this guy was packing enough clothes for a very long trip into a carry on.
    I didn't beleive it so I tried what he did - and it worked.
    I got 3 pairs of casual slacks, 2 pairs dress pants, 2 pairs of jeans, three button up shirts, 2 tank tops, 5 dressy tops, 3 t shirts, 2 long sleeved knit shirts,3 nighties, one housecoat, 16 pairs of underwear, 2 bras, 6 pairs of socks and a pair of sandals in a 22" carry on. And still had room in the outside pockets for makeup and toiletries.
    Amazing - but things would have to be ironed once you unpacked.
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    hazelson got a reaction from tljones in Inquiring information on Alaska Cruises   
    Carnival has a great "Photographic" excursion in Juneau It took us out whale watching and to the Mendenhall glacier. The phographer/guide gave us lots of tips. We saw many, many whales as well as eagles fishing and the noisy sea lion colony. We got lucky at the glacier and caught a bear scooping a salmon out of the stream.
    DH went zip-lining in Ketchikan and raved about it.
    The ports are all great for just walking around and shopping.
    The waterfront area in Victoria is very pretty. Our provincial government building is great in the evening when it is all lit up.
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    hazelson got a reaction from waf125 in Daily Dock for DECEMBER 2010   
    HEY GUYS - I forgot to tell you our "what Christmas is really all about" story.
    Hugh and I dressed up in our Mr. and Mrs. Claus garb on Thursday and headed over to visit Mom at Jackmann Manor.
    On the way we made a stop at Safeway to pick up some oranges for the "family".
    At the check out the fellow took a look at my outfit and asked if I had a Santa out in the car. I said I did and he told me that the local elementary school's breakfast program had a last minute cancellation so no Santa for the next morning's Santa breakfast.
    We had a great time with Mom and the others, I guess no one is too old for a visit from Santa. We brought goodies and stuffed animals for everyone and got tons of smiles and laughter in return.
    Then it was off to the school. The kids were just getting out and they got so excited when they saw Hugh - some even gave him gift ideas lol.
    We made it to the office and the principal put a call into the breakfast coordinator and told her a Mrs. Claus needed to talk to her. The woman was actually crying when we asked her what time she needed us.
    The program was created to feed kids breakfast that otherwise would not have any. We found out that for many of these children it was the only meal they would get that day. The area the school is in is very "low rent" - lots of single Moms with drug and alcohol problems.
    The kids each got a gift as well. They were so thrilled with the little things they got. One little girl said her gift would be going to her little sister.
    Hugh and I both had a real hard time not crying - but we held up ok - until we got to the car. Talk about a feel good day - in spite of having to ge up at 6 a.m.
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    hazelson got a reaction from rogue in Another new one - acting pairs   
    Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in Singing In The Rain
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